One year later: Wanted man nabbed for rape, series of robberies

Arrested: Dexter McDonald

More than a year after a wanted bulletin had been issued for him, 31-year-old Dexter McDonald has been arrested for a series of robberies, and for rape.
According to the police, the arrest was made on Friday at around 15:45h, when a team from Regional Division 4C (East Coast Demerara), acting on information received, intercepted a silver-coloured vehicle, PAD 1112, at Belfield, East Coast Demerara (ECD). That vehicle was being driven by a 45-year-old contractor of Victoria Village, ECD, and McDonald, also known as “Laba,” was occupying the front passenger seat.
McDonald, a construction worker of Buxton Middle Walk, ECD, had been wanted since March 2023; thus, both McDonald and the driver were arrested and taken to the Cove and John Police Station.
Police say the driver has been arrested for harbouring a wanted fugitive. They remain in custody as investigations continue.
McDonald was on the run in 2018, but was later arrested in Annandale, ECD for a series of robberies. At the time of his arrest, McDonald allegedly had 29 grams of cannabis packaged in small Ziplock bags.
Despite an arrest warrant being issued for him, McDonald had managed to evade justice for a significant period. Prior to his 2018 arrest, he had been charged with rape and had been granted pre-trial liberty by the court. The status of those cases are unknown at this time. (G9)