Over 2000 Region 1 residents affected by flooding

More than 2000 persons are currently affected by the floods in communities across Region One (Barima-Waini).
Regional Chairman Brentnol Ashley told Guyana Times that no villages have experienced any recent episodes of flooding, but communities that were inundated over the past few weeks remain affected.
Some communities that remain waterlogged are Hosororo, Koriabo, Aruka, Morawahanna, St Dominic, Ibataro, Smith Creek, Arakaka, Chinese Landing, Kokerit, Waikerebi, Black Water, and Redhill Village.
Ashley noted that the communities were being constantly monitored and it has been observed that water was receding.
While some villages have already received relief packages, the Regional Chairman noted that distribution would be done in others soon.
“As it relates to help to the affected residents, we would’ve done assessments across the region in every village and we would’ve provided a report to the Central Government,” he explained, noting that Central Government has already responded and the relief supplies were on their way.
The Regional Chairman noted, however, that it may take some time to distribute the supplies to affected areas owing to the rough terrain.
As it relates to the impact of the floods on the farming communities, the regional official said they were also awaiting the intervention of Central Government.
“We have also been advising our farmers to safeguard whatever planting materials they have for when we go back to the extent of normalcy with the floods and so forth,” Chairman Ashley added.
With respect to infrastructural damage, he revealed that the Wauna Bridge, which connects the village of Five Star to Big Creek, has suffered some ill effects from the flooding. He said there were other instances of minor infrastructural damage across the region.