Parika family terrorised, robbed during home invasion

Armed bandits invaded a Parika, Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) residence just after midnight on Friday, carting off millions of dollars in valuables after ransacking the house and terrorising family members for over three hours.
Reports are the incident occurred just about midnight at Lot 536 Charles Street, Parika, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) home.
Home owner Imlawattie Pokhar told Guyana Times that she, along with her husband, two sons and granddaughter were at home at the time of the robbery. She said that she was awakened by three armed men, who gained entry into the upper flat of the two-storied building, by using a ladder to access a window leading

One of the rooms that were ransacked by the armed men

to her bedroom.
“Them put a ladder from the bedroom window and they come in the house. I lately build the house, so no grill or anything yet,” she stated.
Upon entering, the distraught woman noted, one of the gunmen fired a shot and started demanding cash and other valuables.
Her husband, Lilman Pokhar was assaulted and thrown to the ground while she scampered towards her wardrobe to hand over the valuables.
“When them come in, them fire a bullet. After that, them lash my husband and throw he down. Them tell me that they want the money and jewellery. I go in the wardrobe and give them some what I had,” she related.
Dissatisfied with their booty, the men then beat her sons, binding their hands with duct tape and slashing the feet with razor blades. She too was beaten and forced to lie on the ground.
“Them said that ain’t sufficient so that’s when them start beating my sons. Them used duct tape and wrap my sons them hand at the back and mouth. They slice the back of them foot with razor blade and start torture me and lash me with the gun to my head and elbow.”
The entire house was ransacked, and the suspects escaped through the front door with $900,000, a quantity of jewellery, cellular phones, clothes, three haversacks and four bags containing other articles.
“We had about $900,000 home to paint the house. We had some jewellery. In the four bag, they carry some of my husband clothes and whatever they see when they search the house. The four bags they had in them hand and three haversacks on them back. Over three hours they went torturing we,” she explained.
This publication understands that the family recently moved to the area. After the gunmen left, family members were taken to the hospital by neighbours.
The Police have since launched a probe. No arrest has been made.