Parliament is back

Dear Editor,
It is good to see and hear our parliamentarians debate issues instead of picking at personalities. I was impressed with the order of the parliamentary session on Thursday last. It had all the things of a traditional Parliament mixed in with the modern scene.
The Speaker was in full charge of the Assembly and the business for the day.
One parliamentarian who took home the prize for best debate and good speech was the Senior Minister of Finance, Dr Ashni Singh. Singh was masterful throughout the debate on the Opposition motion about shore-bases and land.
It was particularly interesting for me, how the Minister showed the hypocrisy and double standard, and untruths spread by the other side to hide their dealings in the oil and gas sector especially with the signing bonus.
I am looking forward to this continuing without the rancour, hate, ethnic clashes, and political talking-heads. This sitting may go down in history as the most normal session of the Twelfth Parliament. I hope I didn’t talk too fast.

With regards,
Baldeo Mathura