PPP takes action in spite of injustices

Dear Editor,
When I saw the news on what our esteemed Attorney General did concerning Walter Rodney of the WPA, at first, I was surprised that this was a priority for the Administration. This step to honour Rodney is one that our (AG and I) schoolmate Crum-Ewing would also be proud of if he was here.
After all, it was the WPA’s leadership that made the call and implemented the shutdown in the sugar industry that affected so many of our Indian families and communities across the country. The Ali Administration continues to show that they are willing and able to take the high road and look beyond the callous acts of the vengeful few.
Clearly, this Administration will also be capable of bringing the much-needed closure to the Mackenzie massacre that has left a nasty mark on our nation. Only time will tell.

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee