Parliament to become more effective

– as CPA trains clerks, committee chairs, parliamentarians

Parliamentarians, Committee chairpersons and clerks at the Parliament office of Guyana are now equipped to make the operations of the Parliament more effective after a just concluded three-day extensive training conducted by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).

Members of Parliament in chambers
Members of Parliament in chambers

The workshop covered the functions of committees, policy-making, development of legislation and overall international best practices guiding the operations of Parliaments.
Chairperson of the CPA, Yasmin Ratansi told the Government Information Agency, (GINA) that the exchange of ideas was to chart the way forward for Guyana’s Parliament.
“We would like to ensure that as we exchange ideas, the good points are brought together,” she said. In so doing, Parliamentarians’ responsibility to their constituency is strengthened, Ratansi added.
The CPA Chairperson believes that Guyanese Parliamentarians are capable of addressing the issues affecting the country’s peoples. This, she said, impressed her team.
“The Guyanese people have a lot of experience, a lot of intelligence and they can find solutions to all the problems… they gave us the solutions and what we can do is give you additional tools for best practices and together, because Parliament is such an evolving process, we hope we can work and build a better future for everyone.”
The CPA will continue to give guidance to the process. The association and the Parliament of Guyana have over the years conducted several training programmes with parliamentarians and staff of the parliament office to build capacity in keeping with international best practices.