Peacemaker shot dead during row

A 24-year-old clothes vendor was shot and killed when he attempted to rescue a friend from a brawl on Leopold Street between Breda and Smyth Streets, Georgetown.
Dead is Carlos Waithe of Lot 2 Norton Street, Georgetown. The murder occurred at about 04:00h on Monday morning.

Carlos Waithe

Reports are that Waithe was consuming alcohol with friends in Charlestown on Sunday evening, after which he indicated to them that he was leaving to head to a known bar at Breda Street, Georgetown.
Police said that at about 04:00h, Waithe, while in the company of another friend, arrived at the bar, during which the dead man’s friend became involved in an argument with other patrons at the bar.
The friend, Police said, was then seen running east on Leopold Street towards Smyth Street while being chased by a group of men.
Loud explosions were heard during the chase which caused Waithe to also give chase behind the men, yelling “y’all can’t shoot da man”.
The men then turned their attention to Waithe and an argument ensued, during which he was shot.
Waithe was then rushed to a private city hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. No one has been arrested. Police have since launched an investigation.