Pensioner strangled to death in bed with mosquito net

A female pensioner was discovered lifeless inside of her wooden cottage-style house at Bourda Street, Georgetown.
Dead is 67-year-old Marva Oudkirk of Lot 241 Bourda Street, Georgetown.
Reports are that Oudkirk’s daughter visited her mother’s home on Thursday evening after attempts to contact her proved futile. This newspaper was told that as the woman approached her mother’s home, she noticed that the house was locked. However, after several calls and no response, Oudkirk’s daughter gained entry into the home by removing the wooden floorboard from under the house.
According to reports, upon entering Oudkirk’s bedroom, the daughter noticed that her mother, who lived alone, was laying on the bed, unresponsive, with a mosquito net tightly wrapped around her neck.
As such, the woman raised an alarm and the Police were called to the scene. The body was taken to Lyken’s Funeral Home.
This newspaper was told that it is believed that the woman was strangled to death inside of her bedroom sometime between 16:30h on Wednesday and 18:30h on Thursday. According to a Police source, the deceased was last seen alive by her daughter on Wednesday.
It is unclear at this time as to whether the woman was murdered during a robbery attempt and how many persons were involved in her death.
Up to press time, no arrests have been made but Police are presently conducting investigations.