…and their actions
The German philosopher Hegel distinguished between “events” and “actions”. “Events” occur “just like that” – stuff like lightning splitting trees. That’s the origin, of course, of the phrase, “sh*t happens!!” “Actions”, on the other hand, are “expressions of the subjective will” – that is, someone consciously decides “something” gotta be done, and then does it!! That person’s then responsible for the consequences of his action.
Like, for instance, Trotman signing that ridiculous oil contract in 2016: that wasn’t no “event” that just happened; it was an “action” that Trotman took consciously when he didn’t even wait for the imminent announcement on the results of Lisa 2, but gave away the store for a pittance. He’s, therefore, responsible for his action – excepting if he can prove he was of “unsound mind”!! But with the revelations that he was juggling at least three “red ‘oman” at the time, his mind might’ve been in a confused state – but certainly not legally “unsound”!!
He should be placed on the docks, with his hands manacled. If he can identify the person he claimed told him to sign, that person could be made to join him on the docks, and the prosecutor can possibly ask for a reduced sentence since he “cooperated”. This distinction between “actions” and “events” comes to mind every time one or another PNC apparatchik acts to the detriment of Guyana – and yet they’re allowed to get away with washing their hands of any responsibility.
Take the environmentalist Bynoe, who Granger placed at the head of the Energy Department – and placed an energy maven in charge of environment!! – just because the fella attends church!! This action was taken right after Trotman was relieved of the Oil Portfolio, presumably for incompetence. Why would Granger replace incompetence with more incompetence?? Does he believe prayer cures incompetence?? Granger must be made to account for all the horrible actions Bynoe has taken since he’s so clearly out of his depth!!
Like self-selecting a handful of oil majors to sell our (miserly) portion of the oil produced and settling on Shell. Why would he ignore the independent traders who dominate the market?? They’re much more agreeable on their prices and offer all the analytical facilities of the oil majors. Bynoe could’ve also locked in a Brent Crude price at the time he chose Shell (Dec 24) which was US$69 per barrel. But he didn’t!! Today, the price has dropped to US$51 and we’ve lost US$17 million!!
The people have the opportunity on March 2nd to take their own action on Granger’s actions that have so hurt our country.
Voting him and his bunch of losers out isn’t an “event” but an “action” we have to take!!

…and local content
Here it is, three million barrels of oil’ve been lifted, processed and shipped, and the environmentalist Bynoe NOW informs us that the “Local Content Policy” (LCP) is finally ready!! Well…not really since we won’t actually be able to read it, till “next week”!!
What’s with this fella? Is his environmental training so deeply ingrained that he unconsciously sabotages anything associated with the oil industry??! There were already TWO LCPs handed over to him by a regional expert, Anthony Paul of T&T, who also crafted Ghana’s. This fella understands OUR needs, having been involved for decades in the industry by our next-door neighbour. But these drafts were rejected and the third – the one now presumably approved – was done by someone associated with the US oil majors.
So, what’s this – foreign always better? Or a sell-out?? What we do know is a nationalist LCP was a goner the moment we agreed that only “qualified” personnel would be hired.
How would we be even “quailed” if we’re never given a chance to be trained??

…still trying a “t’ing”!!
One of the good things about dimwits, is they’ll keep banging their heads against a wall!! Basil Williams, having lost twice in his attempt to sabotage the elections via a residency requirement, will now be going to the CCJ!!