PNC always sought to divide Guyana along racial lines

Dear Editor,
PNC and its affiliates have always sought to divide this nation along racial lines using all kinds of strategies – appealing to ‘kith and kin’ sentiments; every incident that happens they convert into racial configurations; misrepresenting facts; skewing situations to fit their divisive narratives, and even resorting to spewing groundless allegations and telling outright lies to mischaracterise PPP/C leaders and their actions and pronouncements.
Those who refuse to remain in mental bondage to the PNC’s pretentious charlatans; refusing to buy into their destructive, anti-national gerrymandering and divisive, ruinous politics; and embarking on self-improvement /empowering pathways, are viciously attacked and branded ‘house-slaves’, etc.
But those who eschewed the divisive politics practised by the PNC and its cohorts and opened their minds to seek a better life for themselves and their descendants have discovered that PPP/C administrations govern even-handedly and create self-improvement opportunities through job and wealth-creation facilitation and diversity of programmes that target everyone, especially the vulnerable, voiceless and dispossessed.
After the catastrophic PNC-endorsed “Buxton Uprising”, one enterprising and progressive young Buxtonian – MBoya Wood – organised a meeting between diasporic Buxtonians, accompanied by village leaders who were sickened by the events that had stigmatised their village and its residents as criminals and terrorists, and then President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo. That trust engendered a multiplicity of benefits to that community that had previously spurned developmental initiatives proffered by the PPP/C Administration. Among the various areas of assistance were infrastructural construction and repairs; D&I interventions; farmlands cleared, and farming implements and other assistance availed; the Tipperary Hall rebuilt and furbished with various mod-cons, including a computer centre among other things; a steel band was provided instruments; women were given small-business grants through the Priya Manickchand Women of Worth (WOW) initiative; etcetera.
Recently, when the PNC/APNU+AFC and their cohorts again tried to encourage an uprising among their supporters in their various political enclaves, they were rejected, except for a few hardliners. Instead, Guyanese rejected their destructive, divisive political manoeuvrings for the pursuit of a One Guyana, as is being promulgated by the PPP/C Administration.
Through countrywide Cabinet outreaches, where concerns of individuals and communities were advanced, the Government, in graduated deliverables, has addressed, as a continual process and through prioritising developmental exigencies, the concerns expressed by Guyanese across every divide in equal measure, including Buxtonians and more recently at Melanie Damishana.
Thus, major infrastructural works are scheduled for the Buxton/Foulis area, among which include the rehabilitation of 16 bridges and the construction of a farm-to-market road to provide access to farmers. This was a commitment made by Public Works Minister Bishop Juan Edghill at a meeting with residents at Tipperary Hall, Buxton last Thursday.
Similar announcements were made during the outreach at Melanie Damishana as well.
I urge Guyanese to continue to reject the divisive politics of the PNC/APNU+AFC and elements of its lunatic fringe.

Yours truly,
Alvin Hamilton