PNC signalling…

…terrorists as heroes
April 26 will go down as a day of infamy in the history of Guyana. It was the day when the PNC and its cohorts in the AFC – acting as the GOVERNMENT OF GUYANA – voted unanimously in our National Assembly to acclaim Abdul Kadir, a convicted terrorist AGAINST THE USA, as a “great man, a stalwart, a bold and courageous man.”
They did this in the absence of the PPP MPs, who had stayed away from the sitting as they awaited the ruling of the CCJ on whether 33 wasn’t greater than 32.
In case you, dear reader, have forgotten about Kadir’s notorious act, which brought dishonour and opprobrium upon our country, the man was cold-blooded enough to plot to blow up fuel tanks at JFK Airport in NY in 2007. This was a mind-boggling act of savagery that could’ve resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans, to surpass the carnage wrought by those terrorists who had brought down the World Trade Center Towers.
Kadir and his accomplices were thwarted only because the FBI had infiltrated his terrorist cell and had recorded them callously planning their attack on one of the busiest airports in the US and, indeed, the world.
With his subsequent conviction, Kadir placed Guyana on the US watch list as a haven for terrorists who’ve defined the US as their mortal enemy. And now the PNC-Government has given an official seal of approval to Kadir’s cowardly planned attack on US civilians!!
What in the world is going on in the collective minds of the PNC?? It’s one thing for them to approve of the actions of the 2002 Mash Day terrorists, who holed up in Buxton to wage war against the PPP Government by attacking innocent Guyanese citizens in neighbouring villages. They could justify that bunch as “Freedom Fighters” for their traditional constituency, since those killed were mostly Policemen and citizens from the “PPP’s constituency”.
But what will they say to the US?? They can’t even blame them for staging a coup in 1964, since that CIA operation had thrown out the PPP and ensconced them into Government — where they rigged themselves in office for the next 28 years!!
No…what the PNC has done, instead of creating jobs Lindeners, they have placate the radicals there – with an eye to the next elections – is to tell a world that just witnessed tit-for-tat terrorist actions in New Zealand and Sri Lanka that Guyana is not only a haven for terrorists, but they’ll get official recognition!!
The PPP has rightfully denounced this act of treason against the Guyanese state and World Peace. Your Eyewitness hopes other law-abiding countries – not just the US – will follow suit.

…rewards for ministerial corruption
Well, you don’t have to believe your Eyewitness’s exposition from yesterday on the hypocrisy of the PNC’s game of musical chairs, which purported to address the tsunami of corruption sweeping over their administration. Here it is, straight from the mouth of one of the horses: Minister Valerie Yearwood, formerly from Housing, whose husband received a number of contracts from the CH&PA — which falls under her bailiwick — had this to say about Granger’s “shakeup”, which included her.
“It isn’t [a demotion]. What is the demotion? My salary is not affected, [nor are] my allowances; nothing is affected.” She insisted it was actually a “promotion”!!
Well, she’s absolutely correct on that score!! After all, she’ll now be controlling all agricultural development in rural areas with a focus on “youths” – read, “PNC youths”! In this way, she now gets a larger budget, from which she can hand out grants and “aid” for projects that traditionally are hotbeds of corruption.
How many times haven’t the PNC launched these same kinds of programmes? Remember the co-ops from the 1970s??

The latest IDB Report is a standing indictment on the PNC’s economic programme (such as it is!) for growth.
Once again, they insisted, “The energy sector hinders private sector development.”
Yet no Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project!!