PNC subversive politics will not work in modern Guyana

Dear Editor,
When violence erupted at Mon Repos last year, everyone was dumbfounded as to the reason for that outburst of violence, the reason being those people at Mon Repos had nothing to do with the objective of the protesters’ anger.
What we were told is that the people were mounting a protest for one Quindon Bacchus, who was fatally shot by a Policeman in a faraway community of Golden Grove for a misdemeanor he had committed. How the people of Mon Repos became embroiled in that debacle is a total mystery to everyone.
For starters, what did the Indian vendors in Mon Repos have in common with a black Police officer shooting a wanted black man in a faraway village? And the answer is there is no connection, the only nexus one can conjure up is a political and racial one.
Now, here we had a Police shooting of a fugitive in another community, yet the innocent villagers at Mon Repos had to suffer untold damages; that is, being beaten, robbed, their stalls and vehicles burned, and the whole lot. If this doesn’t reek of a sinister plot by some known political operatives, then what is?
When all of this was taking place, supporters of the party came out in strong support of the thugs who raided Mon Repos. They used excuses which were very asinine in content – such as it’s an “Indian Government” and therefore they had every right to attack Indian people.
The situation was even worse when Government compensated the people for their losses, the very same individuals condemned the Dr. Ali Administration for doing this, claiming the people did not suffer any losses, the only losses they suffered were that of their own doing.
What we see here is the political manifestation of the usual suspects; that is, create major damage to people whom they claim to be supporters of the PPP/C Party, then sit back and watch them suffer. But that did not happen, so they became annoyed when those people were compensated.
Further to the issue, now when the perpetrators of those dastardly acts are caught red-handed, the PNC Leadership has come out to “defend them” because they are innocent.
Well, Mister Norton, you would have had a demon on your hands, because the rioters and thugs are all caught on camera. As it is said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Now that it is all on the video, you would have the devil’s own job to defend them, which is not going to happen. They will be convicted!
Herein lies three fundamental facts about the PNC Party and its operations (a) Their penchant for violence, a reaction to what they consider an injustice meted out to them; (b) Their attack on persons they perceive to be PPP/C supporters; and lest I forget, there is a third reason: their persistently targeting persons of a certain race.
But what I must remind the PNC’s hierarchy is that those Burnhamite strategies of yesteryear are long gone, relegated to the dust heap of the past. That party has to come into alignment with the “One Guyana Policy,” which is a peaceful and progressive approach.

Neil Adams