PNC’s age-old trick of playing the race card

Dear Editor,
The PNC, without anything substantial to add to the good governance of this country, have resigned themselves into the position where they are churning out voluminous statements of negatives, hoping to gain the attention of a local audience.
But, sadly, even the unintelligent among them have managed to get a glimpse of the truth, and are shunning them. Their supporters can now judge the facts for themselves, and are leaving their ranks one by one. This is a very humiliating place for the party, and in their haste to regain some relevance, they have embarked on the age-old trick of playing the race card.
Like a broken record, they keep harping on and on about the race issue. One such racist rant came when the party attacked portions of the President’s address at The UN General Assembly, in which he spoke up for the Afro-Caribbean race. Dr Ali made that clarion call that there should be reparations to descendants of Africans living here in the Caribbean, and the time for such compensation is long overdue.
This is a commendable feat by any stretch of the imagination. Dr Ali was lending a heartfelt solidarity with his Afro-Caribbean brothers and sisters.
Everyone is in agreement with the President, except for the PNC. they are of the opinion that the President has no right to make mention of, nor meddle in the affairs of, Black People.
Well, let me educate that party: This is not a “Black People thing”, as they would want it to be categorized; rather, it is a human rights issue, as, one people, one nation and one destiny, we are all in this together.
Slavery, as we now know it, is an inhumane issue wherein one racial group of persons enriched themselves on the backs of others, hence this matter is everybody’s business.
Could the PNC tell us what became of the funds given to the party for The UN Decade for People of Colour? People of Colour are making enquiries about that grant, and are coming up empty-handed.

Neil Adams