PNC’s trickery is up

Dear Editor,
I really feel sorry for my friends who are loyal supporters of the PNC. They now find it shameful to defend the behaviour of some of the PNC leaders who they place their complete trust in.
My friends are aware that PNC should no longer rely on the tale of “PPP marginalisation of Afro-Guyanese”, to justify rigged elections. The make-up of the population, (Indo 40 per cent, Afro 30 per cent, Mixed 20 per cent, and Amerindians 10 per cent), opens up the race to be the Government. PPP, PNC or any other party has to get support from the other groups to win an election. In the 2015 election, the PNC would not have gotten into power with votes just from its traditional base.
While in power, the PNC was expected to do the best for its supporters and every other section of the population. Had the PNC done so, voters would have rewarded it by putting it back into office. Though my friends are aware that the PNC did not focus on doing its best for the nation and it was punished at the 2020 Elections, (like the PPP experienced in 2015), my friends stayed loyal.
Despite all PNC’s trickery up to, and just after the March 2 elections, my friends continue to make excuses for it. PNC’s continuing immoralities to deny the true result of the March election has brought disgrace to my friends, and I presume to very large numbers of other PNC supporters too. My PNC-supporting friends are forced to bury their heads in the sand. Enough is enough.
Mr Granger and other leaders in the PNC can bring an end to their supporters’ dilemma. Mr Granger and the other leaders in the PNC can show their respect for the feelings of their devoted supporters. Mr Granger and other leaders in the PNC can restore the dignity of their ardent followers.
And as the final election declaration still lays in the uncounted boxes for Region Four, Mr Granger and other leaders in the PNC should bring a swift end to the full recount and agree to the less time-consuming Region Four count completion.
Mr Granger and other leaders in the PNC have enough time to give their followers and the rest of Guyana to jointly organise for May 26.

Yours sincerely,
Faiyaz Alli