The pursuit of the preservation of life and economic growth during the pandemic

Dear Editor,
The recent decision to bring in supplies from Brazil needs to be done with the necessary precautions. Today on BBC News, there was a lengthy discussion about the Brazilian difficulties associated with the coronavirus and how maintaining social distancing in many highly populated areas of Brazil is extremely difficult. In addition, many Brazilians are disregarding the necessary precautions recommended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
To prevent increased infection in Guyana, it will be necessary to also quarantine all supplies brought into the country. Sanitising of all goods will be required before distribution, and having a location just across the border to carry out such a process is probably best to ensure that in the case of contamination of the goods by the virus, these goods are prevented from prematurely getting into our society and it’s supply chain.
The taking of a very intentional and cautious approach to the maintenance of the health of our supply chain will be necessary. Safety first and foremost must continue to be the guiding principle being embraced in all decisions and actions taken over the duration of the virus. It is unfortunate to see that some other economies are starting to choose the pursuit of money at the neglect of its people’s lives. Guyana cannot afford to make such a precipitous mistake.
We must all help find solutions that allow both the preservation of life and economic growth. A joint public forum in the near future via a web conference with key stakeholders, including the coronavirus teams organised by the two major political parties, in the pursuit of such solutions would be a great next step.
Considering the implied length of the elections recount, a bipartisan approach is best at this stage. Please do not hesitate to contact me for advice and assistance in this matter as the need develops. The Guyanese public cannot afford to wait for a lengthy conclusion to the current fight for power while our family’s lives are stuck in limbo. Now is the time for all stakeholders to act in a mature and cordial manner so we may develop a joint solution to the current crisis.

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee
The Cooperative Republicans of Guyana

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