Police find ganja farms, stolen engines, foreign currency during raid

An operation carried out by ranks of the Joint Services between the areas of Dodly Hill, Wiruni Creek and Kimbia, Upper Berbice River, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) unearthed ganja farms and stolen items among other things.
The searches lasted several hours, spanning from Saturday evening to Sunday morning.
Among the discoveries was a total of ten drug farms.
Police said that the farms consisted of plants ranging from five inches to four feet, along with several cultivated beds ranging from 60 to 100 feet totalling 35 acres. Each of the beds had about 25 to 30 cannabis plants.
The cannabis farms along with camps were destroyed utilising fire.
Ranks also unearthed a quantity of dried cannabis seeds, leaves and stems which when weighed amounted to 25 kilograms
Meanwhile, several houses were also searched and ranks discovered $306,340 in local currency along with US$1950.
Also found at the homes were one LG cellular phone, one General Generator – #1246663R-8000, one Fotza generator – #YTX12-B5, one Loncin generator – #2500-A, one Husky generator – #F101486335 along with one Daewood water pump – #1611048, one 85-Horsepower (HP) Yamaha outboard engine – #L1013079, one 55 HP Mercury outboard engine – #2B359526 and one Stihl grass cutter.