Police to clamp down on untidy, reckless minibus drivers, conductors

By LaWanda McAllister

The Traffic Department of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has announced its intention to conduct countrywide exercises aimed at clamping down on untidy minibus drivers and conductors.
This was revealed by Divisional Traffic Officer of Division 4A – (Georgetown), Deputy Superintendent Timothy Williams, during a recent programme hosted by the GPF.
Williams has said that the minibus culture in Guyana poses many challenges for the Police Force, and it is time that this matter be dealt with aggressively.
“Some of these minibus drivers, their attire is atrocious. If you go to a bus, you notice some of the drivers: young men with their boxers exposed, they have on a t-shirt with lude writing and all of that, and they are offering a service to members of the public. We cannot continue with that!” he declared.
According to this Traffic Officer, once minibus drivers and conductors are caught in untidy attire, they can be charged.
“Once they are caught, we will have the laws to deal with them…. The conductors too. Untidy conductor…and the drivers,” he emphasised.
Further, the Traffic Officer said drivers and conductors who smoke cigarettes (and other products) in public, as well as those who consume alcohol while on the job, will be dealt with accordingly.
“Some of them that smoking, and wanna take the risk of driving and drinking. Well, they will face the consequences once they are caught. They will face the consequence of their recklessness, as simple as that,” Williams contended.
The Traffic Officer is encouraging persons who travel in minibuses in which unprofessional or dangerous behaviours are taking place to speak out.
“If a member of the public goes into a minibus and that is happening, he has a right to speak to the driver…and if he attempts to put you out of that vehicle, all you need to do is give us a short statement as to where and when it occurred and the number of the vehicle, and we take it from there,” the senior Police official explained.
In December 2019, a conductor and driver who were caught on camera behaving in a reckless and dangerous manner were arrested and charged for several offences, including for being untidy. The driver, Trevin Bobb-Semple, 28, of South Better Hope, ECD and of Timehri Dock Road, East Bank Demerara, was charged with tinted motor vehicle; untidy driver; failure to have control of motor vehicle; breach of condition of road service licence, and dangerous driving. In addition, his driver’s licence was suspended until the determination of those cases.
Moreover, conductor Jermaine Waldron, 27, of Haslington, ECD, was fined $7,500 for being an untidy conductor, and $25,000 for failing to ensure passengers’ safety.