US Embassy donates vehicles to MoH

The United States Government donated to the Health Ministry on Friday three vehicles worth in the vicinity of US$71,000. These vehicles – a Nissan pickup truck, a Nissan eight-passenger van, and a Toyota ambulance – were presented to Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony by US Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch.

US Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch with Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony and other officials at the handing-over ceremony

The donation was made through the Department of Defense Overseas Humanitarian Disaster and Civic Aid Excess Property programme. An additional component of this donation including exam tables, a physical therapy table, wheelchairs and blankets with a combined value of US$45,000, recently arrived in Guyana and currently being cleared through the Customs Department.
In her remarks, the Ambassador reiterated the ongoing commitment the United States has to Guyana and its people, in addition to the almost US$6.5 million donated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
“The vehicles we’re handing over today are not specific to our COVID assistance. They are in response to requests made by the Ministry to assist with access to patients. We hope that they help the Government serve the people of Guyana with efficiency,” the US envoy has said.