Poor service at the NIS Camp Street Office

Dear Editor,
In December 2022, I requested from the Mahaicony Office a printout of my NIS contributions to date, since I am approaching the age of statutory retirement. I was able to obtain this document without any difficulty. However, a perusal of the same showed that around 120 contributions were missing during the 1990s.
I was advised by the Mahaicony Office to visit the NIS Office at Camp Street to get it sorted out. This I did, and was told by officers at the Camp Street Office that I needed to get a record of service from the Ministry of Education in order for them to update my records.
I requested and uplifted a record of my service from the Ministry of Education, which stated that I worked during that period and that my contributions were paid to the NIS. The said record of service was submitted to the NIS Office at Camp Street in January 2023.
I have since been checking on a regular basis to see if my NIS contributions have been updated. However, every time I called, the curt response has been, “Sir, it is still processing”.
Something seems to be very wrong at NIS. Why, after four months, cannot a simple record be updated, even after the information was provided by the Ministry of Education?
Thus, I am hereby calling on the relevant authorities to please look into the functionality of this department; introduce reforms, if necessary; and ensure that the employees are answerable for their actions or lack thereof. Many members of the public have lost faith in the NIS because of the inaction of some of the employees. A case of a few bad apples maybe.
With regards.

Yours sincerely,
Janaknauth Panchu