Quamina St Hotel incident: “I did not kill him. I am innocent” – woman seen fleeing scene

…says will surrender after autopsy conducted

Omar Ally, the dead man, and Kenisha Thomas running from the scene after the body was discovered

Days after the lifeless body of 46-year-old Omar Ally was found with injuries to his head in a Quamina Street hotel, the woman with whom he had checked in and who was seen escaping through a window is holding out that she is not responsible for his death.
As the Police make an attempt to arrest Kenisha Thomas of B Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown, for questioning into the incident, she ended up on HGPTV on Tuesday to clear her name.
During an interview with Travis Chase, Thomas claimed that the victim became lifeless after he hit his head on a toilet bowl in the room they had checked into. The couple has reportedly shared a sexual relationship for the past four years even though Ally was married with children.
Thomas insisted that she is innocent of any wrongdoing while explaining that the incident took place after the two had intercourse on Friday.
“We normally use the same guest house…sometimes he would pick me up and most times he would call me to reach him there. But on Friday when we entered the guest house, the receptionist told me that we can go to 104. He asked me if I want a beer and I said yes, so he asked for three beers and two Guinness… he came in with it.”
“…he started gaffing me and he was telling me that he was sick for a couple of days. He told me that he has acid reflux… we drank the beer and we had sex… when we finished having sex, we went to the bathroom to bathe… I went into the bathroom first… he was waiting right at the bathroom and while bathing, all I hear is ‘blahdam’, when I looked out, I saw he was lying on the toilet bowl panting for breath…”, the woman explained.

Panic mode
Thomas said upon seeing Ally in such a state, she panicked, ran out of the bathroom and went straight to the receptionist where she reported what had happened.
“I went to her and I said come quick he fall down, and she said who fall down, and I said the person I came in with. She said that she was coming and she accompanied me back to the room. When we went in, she turned to me and said I got to call the Police and the ambulance. I said no, I can’t stay here, dah is me neighbour husband,” she said.
The woman claimed that she began panicking even more, and the only thing that came to her mind was to escape from the scene.
“I had my towel wrapped, and I went on to put on my pants and my bra, and I picked up my top and my phone, and I jumped down the building, and I ran away. I didn’t wait for the Police because I got scared, and I didn’t want to wait for his wife and his family to come there and see me. That’s why I ran away.”
The woman said the hotel staff knew them well because they frequented the hotel quite regularly.
“We have been going around for four years… not to my knowledge, the wife does not know of me. One time he told me that we have to be careful with what we are doing because somebody told that girl that they saw me give you money…”.
“I did not kill him. I am innocent. If I went into this hotel voluntarily with this man, why did we have to fight? We never had an argument; we never had a problem… I think maybe the medication that he was using, his body couldn’t have taken the Guinness, and maybe that made his heart give out,” she expressed.

“Lying low”
Thomas stated that since the incident, she has been in hiding and will continue to lie low until a post-mortem examination is conducted on the man’s body. She believes that after the autopsy, her innocence will be proven.
She further added that the Police have not made any contact with her since the incident and that she has made no attempt to contact them.
“After the rumours started spreading, I reached out to my cousin and told her that I am innocent. She asked me where I am, but I couldn’t tell her. I have to keep a low profile until the autopsy is done. Once the autopsy is complete, I will turn myself in with a lawyer because I know I am innocent,” she reiterated.
When asked about the large amount of money the man allegedly had in his possession, as per the accusation made by the man’s family, the woman stated that she was unaware that he had that much money. The family had claimed that the now-dead had over $100,000 to purchase a chandelier.
“I am not happy about how things happened. I am sad about the situation because his family is terrorising my family and even pelting my grandmother’s place. Moreover, nobody knows that the man and I were in a relationship.”
She further clarified that the rumours surrounding the case were not true, and everyone should wait for the autopsy report.

Apology to the family
Thomas expressed her deepest condolences to the Ally family for their loss and stated that she is not happy with how things went down and how the man met his demise. She further added that she was sorry about the circumstances surrounding the incident.
“I want to express my deepest sympathy to the Ally family. This is a situation that I am not happy about, and I want to apologise for how it happened and the circumstances that have ensued…”, she said.
She reiterated that she has not been in contact with the Police and that she is fully cooperating with her lawyer to clear her name.
Receptionist’s version
Even with this new twist on the alleged murder, it seems that the receptionist has a different version of events.
According to a subsequent report, the man’s body was found by the receptionist around 14:15h. The receptionist had reported that the man had checked into the hotel in the company of someone dressed like a female but suspected to be a male.
Ally had reportedly left his place of employment just after midday on Friday after receiving a telephone call.
However, shortly after checking into the hotel, loud sounds were heard emanating from Room 104, the room the couple had booked. This prompted the receptionist to check.
As she went into the room, she claimed that she observed Ally lying on the floor with a person standing over him. He was reportedly naked and blood was oozing from behind his head.
The receptionist reportedly told relatives that the person claimed that Ally fell and hit his head on the toilet, and she needed to leave the scene immediately. The receptionist added that she left the room and returned to the reception area, where she contacted her supervisor, who then contacted the Guyana Fire Service ambulance.
She said the identifiable person made good their escape west along Quamina Street after jumping out the south-eastern bedroom window in public view.
A surveillance video recording showed the woman, clad in a pair of short pants and a brassiere with her blouse in hand, limping away from the scene. Family members were left shocked and confused when they viewed the video recording since the woman in the video was someone they knew well.
The report further stated that Thomas resides opposite the family’s B Field, Sophia home, but has not been seen since Friday when the incident occurred.
While the Police did not release any information on the incident, family members stated they noticed a wound to the back of the man’s head and scratches on his face.
Days after, the now dead man’s family is yet to get a report from the Police. The case has captured the attention of many, with people speculating about what really happened that fateful day. As the investigation continues, all ears are waiting for the post-mortem examination to reveal the truth. (G-9)