Port Kaituma comes alive with massive PPP/C public meeting on LGE

Dear Editor,
People say crowds do not matter, that big crowds at political meetings do not necessarily indicate anything positive. I guarantee that you wouldn’t say that if you were at Port Kaituma yesterday, when the PPP/C held a massive public meeting.
The crowd braved a heavy downpour of rain to listen to an impassioned speech by Prime Minister Mark Phillips. The Brigadier General (rt’d) pumped-up the crowd by reminding them that the PPP/C colours represent democratic values, and that this LGE is about the defence of Guyana’s democratic institutions.
Prime Minister Phillips enthusiastically called for the dissatisfied supporters in APNU to join the PPP/C.
An earlier speech by the young and talented Jason Ramjohn, who recently crossed over from APNU to the PPP/C ticket, had already set the stage for a stinging rebuke of PNC/APNU incompetence.
The young Ramjohn received sustained applause when he belted out, “The PPP/C does not fight character-attack politics.” The comment was made because numerous PPP/C candidates who happen to be Afro-Guyanese are currently being harassed with foul name-calling by APNU operatives in the area.
Ramjohn went on to say that the PPP/C fights “policy politics.”
Sarah Browne Shadeek, currently Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, delivered a powerful speech, calling for PPP/C supporters from Matthews Ridge to Port Kaituma to turn out in their numbers and cast their ballots for economic development and President Ali’s One Guyana initiative.
The people of Fitzburg, Arakaka, 4 Miles, Matarkai, and surrounding areas, by all indications, are ready to roll.
Minister of Housing and Water, the indefatigable Collin Croal, was in his element. Like Prime Minister Phillips, Croal reminded the audience of all the good works done by the PPP/C since it took office in August 2020. The list was so compelling it would have made any listener from APNU afraid, very afraid. The audience went into overdrive when Minister Croal spoke about the restoration of the “Because we Care” cash grant that had been snuffed out by the APNU-AFC. The programme, which was started under the PPP/C with $10,000, then was wantonly cancelled by the APNU-AFC, is now paying $40,000 to every child of school age in Guyana.
What the APNU should truly be afraid of is the sheer diversity of the PPP/C list of candidates for the LGE. They span decades by age; come from different social backgrounds; and, most poignantly, come from multiple ethnic backgrounds. If ever anyone doubted that Guyana is a land of six ‘races’, they should have been at Port Kaituma. The diversity of candidates is visible, authentic, and real. There is no token candidate.
The PPP/C has a track record of keeping promises. This was a central point for numerous speakers. Consistent with this, Minister Croal declared that, immediately after the LGE on June 12, the Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, will be in Port Kaituma and surrounding areas to discuss how the region can contribute to self-sufficiency in local food supply, and to the food security of the country.
Prime Minister Phillips drew an ‘Atlantic’ applause when he noted how many APNU supporters in Linden, Bartica, Georgetown, and New Amsterdam have crossed over to the PPP/C. He issued an open invitation to the good folks of the Barima-Waini region to come over to the PPP/C.
The Local Government Elections are now only days away. The PPP/C ‘showing’ at Port Kaituma should be seen as a shot across the bow of APNU. Too many people are switching from the APNU to the PPP/C, and it is too late now to attempt any reversal.

Dr. Randolph (Randy) Persaud