Time for PNC to close up shop

Dear Editor,
With less than a week to go, the Local Government Election (LGE) campaign is certainly gaining momentum, building up a crescendo, and marching onwards and upwards. While a lot can be said of the Peoples Progress Party/Civic as they drive fear in the Opposition, the President and Vice President are definitely covering ground and storming their way as they traverse from region to region, pulling mammoth crowds with diversified Guyanese from all walks and ranks of life, male and female, young and not-so- young, gleefully dressed in their red attire, gathering jovially and proudly waving a colossal display of PPP/C flags of different sizes.
This panoramic view is an antonym to the PNC Party’s show of desperation, desolation, and dislocation. Their devastation has offended their constituencies and many are not favoured to be encouraged to turn out at any gathering, if any at all!
It was reported that some PNC meetings were non-supportive, with no one in attendance, and thus they had to resort to a Zoom meeting!
The upcoming LGE will definitely witness a crowning and overwhelming victory for the PPP/C party. In fact, they have already won by default, there being no-contest wins in 13 of the Local Authority Areas, and also a combined 291 of the 610 constituencies within the LAAs. Being a well-oiled machine, well-organized, and well-prepared, the PPP/C are the only effective and efficient party that are possibly capable to compete in all 610 constituencies throughout the length and breadth of Guyana.
After taking a setback in 2011 and a defeat by one seat in the 2015 General Elections, the PPP/C Party have been successful in regrouping their application to reprogramme their strategies, so that they were able to overcome all hurdles to regroup as an unstoppable unit to forge a victorious path and reclaim their role as the leading party to govern this land.
The Opposition party has been bisected and dissected, with a constant tug-of-war taking place, with more questions asked than answers provided to describe the poor state of the party’s quagmire. It is no surprise that the PNC Party is perpetually losing its members, who are crossing the floor to leave behind a desultory imposition and a clueless and perplexed leadership, to join hands with the confident PPP/C party, which is sound, sober and sure of its visionary leadership, and is a party tasked to provide the realization of Guyana’s growth through fair, and not foul, means.
A quick look at the pictures provided by the media on these PPP/C campaigns shows Guyanese of all ethnicities in attendance, and their faces express satisfaction in the messages proclaimed by the speakers. All Guyanese are firmly and ultimately waking up to consciously accept the fact that they can no longer flag “dead meat”, and it’s time that they jump on the bandwagon with the winning trophy.
What a laugh the world enjoyed with the PNC’s 34 is half of 65. Norton proposed that “at present, $1 million dollars can be handed to households” in a way that is “structured, transparent, accountable and not politicized.” The V.P’s quick calculation resulted in his conclusion, “Now, since we started producing oil, we have not received $1.7 billion as yet, but he wants to give out $1.7 billion a year. That is APNU’s (A Partnership for National Unity) economics, and we don’t need to go back there, because we know of the ineptitude.”
Guyanese know that accountability and transparency are key factors that are crucial to managing the administration of this developing nation, in order to be the richest nation per capita in this hemisphere, and to be the leading country poised with the highest GDP. But it takes a party with mathematical geniuses, who know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide in order to keep track of numbers, and not be fooled by others. This is where Guyanese can trust the PPP/C party to take charge of accountability, and to mistrust the PNC Party, based on the past and present bitter experiences.
Guyanese will never forget nor forgive the PNC for making themselves complete fools at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Rigging is the survival mode for the PNC. Burnham taught them well. “They tried to rig the [2020] elections for five months. Three times they tried to swear in [former APNU Presidential Candidate David] Granger. We still defeated them in 2020. That takes a party that has credibility. No ordinary party in the face of all of these odds could stand up and defeat a force like APNU. And we have not remained static from that time to now, because of our credibility. What did they do in the five years [in office]? It was evident to the country that they had no plan to develop Guyana,” Dr. Jagdeo had remarked.
Former supporters of the PNC Party are distancing themselves from their skullduggery. “We saw an Opposition that tried every single day to stop these elections, to stop the evolution of democracy…” the President had related while adding that the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is ashamed to face the people of Guyana, considering their past of neglect and lies. Now they have become PPP/C supporters, they feel at home with the words of the President, “My dear friends, since we came back to the office, we have put more money back into the pockets of people. We have created more jobs. We have built new
industries. We have protected our Indigenous peoples’ rights. We are enhancing the welfare of women and children, the elderly and the vulnerable,” he said.
The writing is on the wall. It’s time for the PNC to close up shop and call it a day.

Yours respectfully,
Jai Lall