Pouderoyen businessman shot during robbery

– bandit arrested

Police investigators have managed to arrest one person while the hunt is one for another, following the shooting of a West Bank Demerara (WBD) businessman during a robbery on Monday night.
According to reports reaching Guyana Times, at about 19:00h, two armed men barged into the businessman’s Pouderoyen, WBD home and terrorised the family. During the ordeal, Prakash Seegobin, also known as “Jai”, was shot to his leg. Seegobin operates a shop at his Lot 3 Bella Dam, Pouderoyen home.

The Bella Dam house the bandits invaded on Monday and terrorised the family
The Bella Dam house the bandits invaded on Monday and terrorised the family

This newspaper was told that the two perpetrators; one of whom was armed with a gun while the other was armed with a knife, invaded the house and held the family hostage. The ordeal lasted some 30 minutes.
The man’s daughter, Ravita, recalled that she was walking down the stairs from the upper flat of the house when she was confronted by a man with a gun. She added that a second bandit armed with a knife held onto her brother. Both of the bandits covered their faces with handkerchiefs. She went on to say that at that time, her husband and baby were upstairs and her father was out. Ravita said that the man demanded that she hand over the jewellery she was wearing, which included her gold bracelet, wedding band and other pieces.
According to the traumatised woman, she and her brother were then taken upstairs by the perpetrators and while there, the gunman slammed her into the wall and pulled her by her hair, demanding that she hand over all the money that she had as well as what was kept in the house. She fell to the ground and the perpetrator kicked her and used his feet to roll her over as he repeatedly demanded money. Ravita pleaded with the bandit, telling him that she had no money, as his accomplice carried out a search of the house for any valuables that may have been stashed. At this point, the young woman said her father, Seegobin, returned home and was immediately gun-butted by the bandit and he fell to the ground. She recounted that the gunman started demanding money from her father and fearing for the safety of his family, he complied handing over some $200,000 from his pocket. Unsatisfied, the men continued to harass the family for more money and kept on gun-butting the businessman to his face while tugging her about. She added that she then fell to the ground, landing next to her father’s feet and that was when the gunman discharged a round, hitting the elderly man to his knee. The woman further disclosed that the men took her into her bedroom and managed to unearth another $100,000 which she had in one of her handbags, as well as other pieces of jewellery. With money and jewellery in hand, the men kept demanding more and even threatened to shoot her baby. The mother of one told Guyana Times that she panicked and pleaded with the bandits to search the house once again and take whatever they wished but not to harm her daughter. The duo then snatched an ipad, a laptop belonging to her brother, and other valuables before making their way down the stairs and escaping. This publication was told that the two bandits ran out of the dam, where it was reported a white car was waiting for them. It was also reported that neighbours were aware of what was transpiring in the family’s home but were too afraid to help. Unknown to the perpetrators, Seegobin’s home is outfitted with surveillance cameras and the footage from the incident was handed over to Police. Diligent work by detectives led to the arrest of a Campbellville, Georgetown, resident on Tuesday.
The suspect is in custody assisting with the investigations.
Meanwhile, the shot businessman has been hospitalised and is in a stable condition.