PPP applauded for running good, clean campaign and emerging victorious

Dear Editor,
While sending warm congratulations to President Irfaan Ali on his inauguration, the New York Guyana Democracy Project (NYGDP) applauds the selection of former President Bharrat Jagdeo as Vice President, and Anil Nandlall as Attorney General, both of who are largely seen as heroes in the struggle for the victory of the party.
The small parties and other forces also played a role in the struggle for the ballot and the right count of the votes.
NYGDP, headed by former Senior lecturer at UG Dr. Tara Singh, comprises Guyanese and others interested in protecting democratic gains in Guyana. The group has been sending various forms of assistance to depressed communities in Guyana.
In a release, NYGDP stated, “This decisive victory is a triumph for democracy, and it has filled the diaspora with immense joy. It was long in waiting, and well deserved.
“It is also an historic achievement for Dr. Irfaan Ali in becoming the youngest elected President in the Western hemisphere”.
The NYGDP wishes the new President and the PPP-led administration well as they prepare to take up the important responsibilities and challenges of the Government.
“NYGDP worked feverishly for the respect of an accurate count of the ballot, and will of the electorate. In addition, the organisation helped raise much needed funds towards the effort to preserve democracy in Guyana, as well as for COVID relief.
“NYGDP assures the President, PPP, and people of Guyana of continued support to protect democratic gains, and as the Government embarks upon its responsibilities and attempts to address overwhelming challenges left by its predecessor”.
NYGDP welcomed the appointment of former President Bharrat Jagdeo and Attorney General Anil Nandlall. The release states: “Under your leadership and the guidance and wisdom of former President Jagdeo and the experienced AG Nandlall, and the incoming cabinet, Guyana will strive to great heights and achievements. It is strategic to appoint Dr Jagdeo as Vice President, a man with tremendous political capital, and who would be indispensable for the implementation of the government’s vision and program”.
The NYGDP comprises a team with varied technical skills and expertise, and pledges assistance to help the administration in constitutional reform and in any other area that the Government so desires. “Our organization looks forward to working with the government on developing closer link with the diaspora in America”.
Separately, as a proud contributor of the long 26- year battle for the restoration of the vote in Guyana that finally occurred in 1992, and the five-month struggle for the respect of the verdict of the people in 2020, I also wish to extend congrats to Dr. Ali and the party on this electoral victory. And I do so also on behalf of that small group of us who have consistently championed democracy in Guyana. This victory must be cherished and protected in the spirit of the struggle of the Guyanese pioneering ancestors, who laid the groundwork to make this achievement of Irfaan possible.
The PPP is applauded for running a good, clean campaign, and emerging victorious. It was a hard-fought campaign. Victory was never in doubt, until the fraud of March 4. However, the attempt to thwart the will of the electorate was finally defeated by international and national forces, including from several of us in the diaspora.
I wish success and personal fulfillment in Ali’s new role. The change in administration has come at an opportune time, when there is tremendous economic opportunity for Guyana that requires experienced and competent leadership. The President has started out well. His first three appointments were those of individuals of unrivalled experience. The appointment of former President Bharrat Jagdeo as VP will strengthen the administration.
Jagdeo’s vision would help transform the economy. The wisdom of Anil Nandlall in law has no parallel. He is the most brilliant legal mind I have come across in my years studying, working in the Bronx Supreme Court, teaching, and presenting papers at seminars at international conferences.
I thank President Ali for acknowledging the immense contributions of the diaspora in the role for free and fair elections and the battle for acceptance of the 2020 verdict, and I hope he would consider a role for, and grant recognition to, outstanding members who helped liberate the nation in 1992 and gain in 2020. The Government should also consider roles for the small parties that stuck it out with the PPP in the struggle against electoral fraud.
The nation is looking forward for the PPP to get on with the business of Government.

Yours truly,
Dr Vishnu Bisram