Tested experience, ambitious youth to catapult Guyana onto an endless horizon

Dear Editor,
The show is already on the road the minute the curtain came down, the very second the honourable lady finished singing.
Since the swearing in ceremony last Sunday, President Dr Irfaan Ali wasted no time, and on the very day, he swore in Prime Minister Mark Phillips, Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, Attorney General Anil Nandlall, and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira.
Monday and Tuesday were spent meeting with key personnel from the ministries and the public sector, and conducting a tour for familiarisation purpose. Wednesday was identified as the swearing in ceremony for the cabinet, a highly contested and much anticipated moment that Guyana hungrily waited for.
The PPP/C Party was kept out of power and in abeyance for the past five years, unjustly so for almost two years because of APNU/AFC’s total disregard for the Constitution of Guyana and discarding all rules and regulations with scant respect for law and order. The result from the NCM was strangled, challenged and dragged through the courts, until the APNU/AFC Party was slapped in the face by the CCJ. More time was wasted deliberately during the election process. The PPP/C 2011-2015 manifesto was thwarted because of APNU/AFC Party’s sabotage by non- cooperation, non-support and voting down all proposals for the key projects. The PPP/C Party was a minority Government and lacked the advantage of securing enough votes, thus all the major developments were vetoed. Now they have the golden opportunity to implement those much needed and essential projects that can catapult this nation into a modern future that spells development with pertinent infrastructure, and galvanise the economy to indiscriminately propel the lives of Guyanese from poverty to prosperity through equitable distribution.
On Monday, it was heartening to note that the Director of Public Prosecutor, Shalimar Ali-Hack, dismissed the three private charges filed against the Chairperson of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), retired Justice Claudette Singh, alleging misconduct in public office. The complainants that filed the charges against the GECOM Chair were Lorraine Joseph of 16 Melanie Danishana, East Coast Demerara; Onita Walcott of 25 Section B, Victoria Village, East Coast Demerara; and Keith Ondaan of 2987 Central Amelia’s Ward, Mackenzie, Linden.
Guyana has suffered tremendously from all the fictitious and vexatious cases that were litigated by the APNU/AFC Party for various reasons. This has been a very expensive exercise for the people of Guyana, and it is a welcoming move by the DPP to throw this matter out only five days since they were filed, but not served. The last election was a reminder of the Dark Ages, and such bitter and malicious taste must not be allowed to find its way on to Guyanese tongues ever again.
Madam Chair, Justice (Ret’d) Ms. Claudette Singh, performed a magnificent job under tremendous and horrible conditions, challenged from all areas in different dimensions to feel the steel and metal from many a sharp shooter within and without. But she never buckled, and never failed to uphold her dignity, even when on the surface it appeared as if she was being discriminative. But she did come through the mined field to deliver a declaration as confirmed by the will of the people and accredited by CARICOM. Guyana is thankful to the learned lady who hogged the floor to belt the sweetest tune on stage Guyana was privileged to hear for the past five months.
Guyana’s warmth is radiating with humility as the changing of the guard is in process. APNU/AFC Party passed the baton on to the PPP/C Party, and now they are saddled with the mantle of responsible, sensible, possible, credible and plausible stewardship to govern this nation for another possible five years at least.
President Irfaan Ali, at his swearing in ceremony on Sunday, had promised a “people-centred, accountable government” that will utilise the best resources to manage all sectors in a “transparent and accountable manner.” The last Government was overshadowed with numerous and tremendous corruption, collusion, fraud, discrimination, injustice, lies and dishonesty.
Yesterday saw the swearing in of nineteen more ministers to manage various portfolios. Anxiety and curiosity also played a nagging role in trying to anticipate the unfulfilled ministerial positions. While some seasonal and familiar faces occupied strategic positions, experience was blended with youth as many young, vibrant and promising personalities emerged to stamp their authority respectfully. This foliage of freshness certainly champions the call for the new and exciting generation to be allowed an opportunity of zeal and perseverance to propel Guyana into the next technological and developmental stage with vigour and vitality as its arms, strength and endurance as its feet, wisdom and astuteness as its head, foresight and keenness as its eyes, patience and tolerance as its ears, attention and alertness as its nose, motivation and innovation as its voice, ambition and determination as its shoulder, and responsibility and reliability as its body.
The entire Guyana sends very warm wishes and congratulates all the ministers who will form the new cabinet and be given an opportunity to live up to the ideals of honesty, dignity, integrity, truth and justice, committing themselves to serve the people of Guyana fairly as t0hey have so sworn.
Good luck to all, and Guyana enthusiastically looks forward to your close interaction with the mass, with efficient and quality service as you lead this country to an endless horizon. May the Almighty bless all to be chosen to serve, and may you always be guided by His grace.

Jai Lall