PPP has achieved in 100 days what APNU/AFC did not achieve in 100 weeks

Dear Editor,
Congratulations to the PPP/C Government for their remarkable completion of their first 100 days as the new legitimate Government of Guyana, after being sworn into office on August 2nd as per the popular will of the people at the last General and Regional Election held on March 2nd 2020.
Nevertheless, the young and astute President, Dr Irfaan Ali, accepted all the obstacles and problems, and confronted them with careful, aggressive and pertinent resolutions. It’s a foregone conclusion that an eyesore has been removed, which was impeding progress. Its successor has duplicated another remedial programme that has highlighted a process for progress and development once again as ascribed by its previous 23 years in governance.
The past five years have seen tremendous damage and destruction of a country and its people by a callous Government. Luckily, this ruthlessness was brought to a stop, thanks to the result of a NCM back in December 2018.
It is easy to compute a calculation of the PPP/C Government’s achievements for its first quarter in administration, because almost daily it has procured a new acquisition that only reflects the kudos of the people and is eagerly portrayed and published in all the media.
Not in any chronological order, some of the PPP/C’s realisations were asserted through positive efforts and materialised in the following areas as assets:

Cabinet: The appointment of an energised team of academic players comprising vigour and vitality, youth and determination, and wisdom and experience.
Corporate: A number of chairpersons were commissioned to head various utilities and agencies
Companies: A restructured approach was institutionalised for various industries, including sugar, rice, oil, bauxite and timber.
Consolidation: some Government departments were amalgamated and streamlined, with excess fat trimmed.
Communication: The monopoly of telecommunication was curtailed, opening up more competition.
Corruption: Audits and investigations alluded to financial revelations and alarming misappropriations by the APNU/AFC Government.
Citizen: A startling budget was presented and passed, paving the way for tremendous benefits for all the people.
Content: Policies beneficial to local suppliers were advanced.
Contract: Numerous contracts were awarded to benefit both large and small companies.
Construction: Massive infrastructure projects were announced, including buildings, bridges and highways.
Community: Country visits were made as an outreach to the people.
Concern: Many meetings were held to address the complaints and problems of the man in the street.
Crop: The expansion of agriculture in hemp and aqua is being organized, along with other cash crops.
Connection: Increase in overseas relation continues, and has attracted many investors.
Cooperation: There has been an increase in skeptics coming aboard to support the Government.
Celebration: Much exuberance has been displayed without any doubt or reservation.
Confidence: Congratulations from leaders throughout the world were received for the success of this legitimate Government
Conviction: A visit from the highest-ranking officer of the US attested to a positive confirmation.
While the pendulum swings favourably, there is still room for improvement; and the scale is unsettled, not balanced, and tilts alternatively because of some of the following weighty issues, which are listed as liabilities.
COVID-19: The repercussions are still prevalent, and increasing deaths prove that it is not under control, as expected.
Crime: This tortuous situation remains a pain in the neck and butt, and must be attended to with immediate urgency.
Climate: Unfavourable weather patterns are causing alarming floods, and there is need for prompt attention.
Commerce: Oil is not the only alternative answer, and the conversation should spread along solar energy power, canning, recycling, and avoiding the Dutch disease.
Court: The reorganising of the court process is eminent, and the case backlog is atrocious.
Cocaine: International busts speak volumes, and growth in this area is traitorous and threating.
Customs: The performance of Customs officers is unacceptable, and a clean-up operation is required.
City: Georgetown, the capital, is deplorable, and Government is not assertive in handling this growing concern.
Coalition: Too many stakeholders continue to undermine democracy, and inaction is food to nurture this undermining.
Constitution: Why the wait to reform and revamp GECOM?
Corentyne: Unresolved issues need to be addressed to avoid more uprising.
Claims: Objections and recommendations are left idle and unattended.
Cake-shop: This image must be removed with appropriate effects.
Controversies: Why not nip them in the bud? No compatriot, company or country is correct continuously, and perfection is not expected; but the effort should be premised to avoid altercations and substantiate any action to avoid any negative reaction.
The PPP/C party inherited a colossal headache from the reckless APNU/AFC Party, and all PPP/C players must be commended for the time and effort they have contributed towards avoiding further disaster.
This Government has, in 100 days, achieved what the APNU/AFC Government did not achieve in 100 weeks! Guyana is thankful to so many stakeholders for affording the PPP/C party this opportunity to do what is good and best for the country and its people at all times.
In the interest of Guyana as a nation, and in the interest of all the people, we can only wish the Government continued peace, progress and prosperity.

Jai Lall