PPP is Guyana’s only truly diverse party

Dear Editor,
The 32nd Congress of the PPP was indeed a resounding success, so much so that the detractors who foretold and splashed images of doom prior to the congress were silenced by the level of efficiency of its organisation and execution.
PPP is indeed the most politically organized party in Guyana at the moment. No wonder it is attracting new and diverse members every day. Those of us who understand the history of the party would tell you that the PPP was probably at its most racially diverse when the party was formed back in 1950. Admittedly, the party battled through periods of ethnic fraction, but this 32nd congress is a testament that the party is as ethnically diverse as it was when it was originally formed.
Credit must go to General Secretary Jagdeo, President Ali, and so many other members at various levels, for pursuing a path of inclusiveness.
Let’s cut to the chase, there is no denying that Afro-Guyanese are increasingly finding a home in the PPP in ways that they did not as few as 3 to 4 years ago. This is so, despite the ratcheting up of racial sentiments by the Opposition. This strategy worked for them in the past, but not anymore. The scaremongering tactics hurled towards the PPP for years is now being unmasked.
Not that the PPP was ever closed to Afro-Guyanese. The PPP was always open, and has always had a policy of inclusivity and diversity, but the level of demonization of its leaders created an era of Afro-shyness, and not many Afro-Guyanese were attracted to the party. This era is now firmly behind us, as the PPP is able to attract a multitude of Afro-Guyanese from all walks of life, and even in areas labelled as deep Opposition support base.
Congratulations to those who were elected to the various party offices. I am confident they will craft policies to continue to take diversity further, and make it permanently entrenched into the psyche of the nation.
I also would like to send out a message to young Afro-Guyanese who are contemplating entering politics: the PPP is Guyana’s only truly diverse national party. In addition to its diversity, the PPP is also demonstrably the only truly democratic party in Guyana.
The 32nd Congress was held drama-free. Delegates were elected and accredited based on the constitution of the party. There was no manipulation of the membership register, disappearing computer, or tampering with the database to attempt to engineer specific leaders into specific positions. It feels good to know that a political organisation can organize its official party activities and ceremonies in a manner befitting the highest ideals of democracy and democratic values. Long live the PPP!!

Alvin Hamilton