Extremely happy with PPP Congress

Dear Editor,
I am on fire for my country after witnessing the strength of our great party over the last weekend, when we held our 32nd Congress. There was a complete show of unity; everything went smoothly; and we elected many new leaders, who will no doubt lead our party to many more national and regional election victories.
I have great respect for our senior leaders who served in the trenches with Comrade Cheddi and Janet, and for the other political pioneers of the PPP and their contributions to the struggle for the return to free and fair elections and the restoration of democracy; their value to the party can never be underestimated or overvalued. But I am extremely happy about the new leadership and new direction of our party.
Our President’s “One Guyana” approach to governance has been fully embraced by our party through the 32nd Congress under the great leadership of General Secretary Comrade Bharrat Jagdeo, and this was reflected at the congress both in the diversity of the delegates and the newly elected Central Committee.
Just as the Government has an ethnically diverse cabinet, we now have so much more diversity in the party, and this is good for Guyana.
Our General Secretary has always been the man to make these changes happen. Throughout his Presidency, his style was always all-embracing and unifying, and the same way he moved the country away from being the laughingstock of the Caribbean with lower poverty levels than Haiti, the same way he is now transforming our party into a very attractive and welcoming party for Guyanese of all races.
The great transformation of our country, being led by our young, visionary, and energetic President, together with what was achieved by our GS at the 32nd Congress, are a winning combination for victory at the national and regional elections in 2025.

Sincerely yours,
Attiya Baksh