PPP roasts AFC over “hypocritical”, “comical” statements

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has called out the Alliance For Change (AFC) over what it says are hypocritical and comical, among other things, statements made by executives at a recent press conference.
“In a desperate and hasty attempt to appear relevant to the large number of Guyanese in the diaspora, who are in the country for cricket, the Alliance For Change (AFC) held a press conference last Thursday, putting on display several of its leaders. The pronouncements which emanated from this high-level AFC team were, at best, hypocritical and contradictory; and at worst comical,” the Parliamentary Opposition said on Saturday.
According to PPP, the AFC, which is the minor party in the Coalition Government, is a spent force with very little relevance in electoral politics, a reality which the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is well aware of.
“This is the precise reason why the AFC did not contest the 2016 LGE (Local Government Elections). The Guyanese people have quickly seen through their false promises to the sugar industry and rice farmers; their contradictory position on the parking meter and VAT on private education, both of which they supported at the level of Cabinet but subsequently and hypocritically conveyed the impression that they are pressuring the Government to change its positions on these two issues,” the PPP noted.
The party has said that with the AFC having already begun to campaign for the 2019 LGE, Guyanese should take note that the party is only going to its community to campaign for the elections.
It was also pointed out that the AFC was spinelessly silent on President Granger’s continuous attempts to railroad the constitutional process of appointing a Chairman for the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).
“The public has also seen their duplicitous vacillations on the need for disclosure on important contracts entered into by the Government of Guyana.
While in Opposition, they were loudest in the calls for public disclosures of such documents. Now in Government, they are the chief protagonists in defence of keeping such contract away from the population’s scrutiny,” the PPP asserted.
On this note, the Parliamentary Opposition referred to a statement made during the media briefing that AFC Executives “are not bribable”. The PPP said the Guyanese population knows a different reality, and about the wanton and widespread corruption that has engulfed the entire Government, including the AFC.
The former ruling party pointed to allegations of corruption regarding gun licences; the scandalous Guyana Power and Light (GPL) meter contract; the million-dollar tax write-off for an AFC financier; the secret wind farm project being undertaken by an AFC financier, among other projects.