President asks for investigation into PPP’s petition

Dear Editor,
The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has petitioned Ronald Bulkan, Minister of Communities calling upon him, the Overseer, the Town Clerk and the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) respectively to:
“Comply with the law and appoint a date for the election of the five Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) Chairmen and one Deputy Mayor from among the candidates by the voters whose names appear on the register of voters for the five tied NDCs and one Town Council.”
Copies of the Petition with accompanying signatures were dispatched to President David Granger; Minister Bulkan; GECOM Chairman, Dr Steve Surujbally and the diplomatic community.
By way of a cover letter, the addressees were informed that the petition; “constitutes a protest against the undemocratic action of Government to thwart the electoral will of the people who voted at the recently concluded Local Government Elections and that the matter remains unresolved.
President Granger has responded informing that he has “asked for an investigation into the allegations and for an examination of the petitions to be conducted”.

People’s Progressive
Freedom House