…hubris on musical chairs
“What’s in a name?” the Bard famously asked in Romeo and Juliet, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” And, one might add, in the context of Guyana, a rotten egg would smell just as foul! Which is by far more appropriate to describe the gymnastics going on in the Office of the President, by Granger and his “plenary” that’s now a “Cabinet” again. In terms of politics rather than young love, didn’t the Bard also point out that something was rotten in the state of Denmark after a guard saw the ghost of the murdered King wandering around in the halls of the Palace?
Well with the spirit of the Constitution being routinely murdered every day by Granger and his PNC administration it’s a cert that its ghost is meandering around the now green buildings of the OP. Just look at the stunt pulled by the President on the constitutional stricture that dual citizens can’t be MP’s much less Ministers. Imagine Granger appointing Dr Karen Cummings, the former Junior Minister of Health as the new Foreign Affairs Minister to replace the British Citizen incumbent, Carl Greenidge??
Is this the time to have an individual who has absolutely no training, much less experience, in this critical field, when Venezuela is in a meltdown and their border controversy’s coming up for decision at the World Court? Does Granger expect Cummings to use her medical knowledge to deal with the international community after the decision comes down? But we know what’s going on, don’t we? Greeenidge will soon be appointed “Director General of Foreign Affairs”!!
Isn’t this what Granger wrought over at the Minister of State in the Ministry of the Presidency This ministry under Granger grew like Topsy into a humungous institution with at least a dozen agencies and five Ministers. It was controlled by a gregarious Minister of State – Harmon who was widely seen as the de facto second in command. So what happened after he resigns because he’s a US citizen? The President appoints him as the DIRECTOR GENERAL OF THE MINISTRY OF THE PRESIDENCY. Harmon himself had to inform the nation that his job was a “work in progress” but right off the bat he’ll be chairing post-Cabinet meetings!
So, who does Granger think he’s fooling? Certainly not the Guyanese public who now understand that as far as the PNC’s concerned, the Constitution’s just a doormat. How can Granger tell the people that the compromised Valerie Yearwood has been move from Housing to OP when she insists that’s a promotion??? Where’s the respect for the letter and spirit of the Constitution??
Oh Judgement, thou art fled to savage beasts and the men in the PNC have lost their reason!

…fair play on ethnic aspirations?
Indian Arrival Day will be officially commemorated tomorrow. For quite a while folks played ducks and drakes about actually prefacing the day as “Indian” – even though May 5th was the day INDIAN immigrants arrived at Port Georgetown back in 1838. One must acknowledge Granger’s role in accepting that each ethnic group should be given their due recognition for their arrival to form our national mosaic. Two days ago, the Portuguese were on stage.
Your Eyewitness was further quite impressed by Granger’s frankness in accepting the right of each group to mobilise and present their ‘demands” to the government on addressing whatever ailed their community. Several times over the last four years, while addressing the African Guyanese Community at the Cuffy 250 event on Emancipation Day, he went to great lengths to belabour this point. Your Eyewitness expects that tomorrow the Indian community will be similarly exhorted by the President.
Will it be at the new Indian Indian Arrival Monument at Palmyra?

…silence of terrorism honour
The Clerk of the National Assembly; two MP’s from Linden – one being the defrocked Housing Minister; the PNC’s Chief Whip” the Gen Secty of the TUC and others have sought to “explain” the terrorism honour.
But the buck stops with Granger, doesn’t it?