Prison Officer under close arrest as ganja, phones found in Timehri Prison

Prison authorities at the Timehri Prison, located on the East Bank of Demerara, have launched an investigation into the discovery of a quantity of marijuana and several mobile phones at the correctional facility on Wednesday.
This was confirmed by Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels who reported that an officer is at the centre of the investigation.
The officer was arrested after a prisoner claimed that he had paid “big money” to a staff to allow the items to pass through the security checkpoint.
According to the Prison Director, the discovery has caused the owner much pain and he is talking about killing the prison officers who are involved and as such, the Police were called in to investigate the matter.
Meanwhile, another search which was conducted at the penitentiary on Thursday unearthed several prohibited items.
These include eight lighters, seven smoking utensils, 16 improvised weapons, eight packs of cigarettes, two dining forks, two pairs of scissors, five cellphone chargers, one bottle of pepper sauce, three cellular phones, one tattoo machine, a quantity of tobacco and 305 grams of cannabis.
In light of the arrest and discovery of the items, members of the Joint Services were deployed to the penitentiary to provide additional security.