…Maduro’s Madness

After the Govt and Opposition got together to issue a joint statement on Mad Maduro’s ‘referendum’ on the ridiculous Venezuelan claim to our Essequibo, the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Foreign Relations (PSCFR) said it wanna lay a motion on the matter in Parliament, and to sensitize the Guyanese people about what’s going down. What your Eyewitness wants to know is exactly how our widened and deepened knowledge of the issue is gonna change Mad Maduro’s bullyism.
C’mon now, surely they can do better – if they’re serious about taking on that madman on our western border. One thing they can do is to try to put some pressure on folks who can actually put pressure on the SOB. Like China, where President Xi chose to host him last month, even though a G-20 meeting was going on. Now that he has been given a helluva vote of confidence, in view of his estrangement from the democratic forces of the West up to now, confidence he can’t afford to lose.
Can’t these worthies from the PSCFR, say, chain themselves to the fence of the Chinese Embassy and go on a hunger strike till that country reads the Riot Act to Mad Maduro?? Can you imagine that?? It’ll invoke the memory of Mahatma Gandhi taking on the British Empire when the Empire held India under their boots. The members of the PSCFR can point to the moral equivalency of China – now aspiring to pip America in the superpower sweepstakes – propping up Venezuela under Mad Maduro to put us under THEIR boots!! Surely, the Chinese don’t want to start off their global ascendancy by throwing away the legitimacy we’ve given them all the way back to 1972, when Forbes backed them at the UN over Taiwan?
So, you may say why would China give credence to such a small state as us?? Well, first, we are not such a small state any longer. Described as a budding new “oil superpower”, over which some of the world’s largest corporations are fighting, we’re having our 15 minutes of fame on the world stage.
Pictures of our brave members of the PSCFR chained to the Chinese fence crying for justice as they pine away from their fasting – as the Mahatma used to do – will be on TV screens, not to mention ubiquitous social media platforms like X, all over the globe.
And secondly, there’s the demonstrator effect to most of the members of the UN – on which China depends to create a multipolar world – that are also small states!! Then, of course, we’re a member of the Security Council this year – and we can raise in that exclusive forum the matter of China backing Maduro.
And you know what?? That’s gonna get America’s support over their arch enemy of the moment, no??!!

Your Eyewitness has been getting quite a few reports of these foreigners from the big corporations flooding our landscape, who’re treating our locals like dirt. It’s like Columbus landing again, “DISCOVERING” us, giving us some baubles while taking our gold, and concluding they can get away with it because we’re “uncivilised”!!
Actually, it’s because they had guns while we had bows and arrows!
Today, history’s being repeated because they’ve got something more powerful than guns – “Foreign Direct Investment” (FDI)!! Without FDI, we can have all the resources in the world, but it ain’t worth squat, unless they’re developed using FDI. Like with the oil lying under the Atlantic – and long ago, our bauxite. One makes the world go around, and the other makes crafts that can fly – both important…but we can’t eat them!! Can’t even get to them without oodles of FDI in the case of our oil!!
In the meantime, we absolutely shouldn’t let them furriners diss us. They need our resources, don’t they??

…US mass killings
If it’s another month, there must be another mass killing in the land of the free and the home of the brave!!
We just got word of another shooting, in which 18 were killed in Lewiston, Maine.