Put politics aside and serve the people – Min Sukhai tells new Region 8 Councillors

Amerindian Affairs Minister Pauline Sukhai has charged the newly elected Councillors of the Potaro-Siparuni (Region Eight) Regional Democratic Council (RDC) to devote their energies to enhancing the lives of their constituents.
Minister Sukhai, who is the Government’s parliamentary representative for the region, delivered her charge during the swearing-in ceremony on Friday in Mahdia.
“What you have to do as council members is to ensure that you provide the level of strong leadership, consistent leadership and the political will to serve the people,” the Minister said in her address.

L-R: Local Government and Regional Development Minister Nigel Dharamlall, RDC Vice Chairman Claris Francisco, RDC Chairman Headley Pio, Amerindian Affairs Minister Pauline Sukhai and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Lenox Shuman. Also in photo standing are Mahdia’s Mayor, David Adams and the new Region 8 Councillors

She explained that the region’s success hinges on the unity of the RDC and its ability to collaborate. As such, she vowed to support the region as it seeks to achieve its goals in the provision of Government services.
“I am available and willing to provide the level of support, guidance and representation alongside you, in collaboration with the Minister and Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development,” she said.
While admitting the RDC has much work to do to resuscitate the region, Minister Sukhai said the Councillors must embrace their responsibilities as challenges since action is needed in the infrastructure, education, forestry, agriculture and mining sectors.
Further, she reminded the RDC that they should put politics aside and remain focused on the people they serve.
Local Government and Regional Development Minister, Nigel Dharamlall, who was also present at the ceremony, noted that there is need for effective leadership within the region.
“Your leadership in this region will be critical in ensuring that the services that are desired by our people and the services that ought to be provided to our people, by the Government, that those services meet our people expeditiously,” he said.
Additionally, Dharamlall pledged his Ministry’s support as a partner in the governance of Potaro-Siparuni.
Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Lenox Shuman commended the successful swearing-in of the RDC Councillors as a testament to how a democracy should operate.
The Deputy Speaker also urged the RDC to seek common ground now that the divisive elections are over, and to make the people the top priority.
“When we struggle for partisan political interest, it tears the country apart. It sets the country back and it destroys relationships. What I am hopeful will come in this newly sworn-in democratic council is a unified bond – a unified force to do the work in the people’s interest,” Shuman said. The 15-member RDC elected Headley Pio to serve as Chairman, and Claris Francisco as Vice Chair.