Questions for Guyana Oil and Gas Association

Dear Editor,
I support both the African Cultural and Development Association and retired Rear Admiral Gary Best for rejecting the make-up of the recently launched Guyana Oil and Gas Association Inc as this “association” was created by a few businessmen and foisted upon the unsuspecting citizens of Guyana. This illegality is apparently supported and financed by very influential people.
The wider business community and other stakeholders should have been invited to discuss at a public forum organised by the Private Sector Commission to coordinate the formation of such an organisation. A Steering Committee should have been established to look at the rules and the objectives. Thereafter, a special meeting should have been arranged for a supervised election, to elect officers to manage the affairs of the Association.
We have here a selection rather than a public discourse and election of office holders flowing from a public engagement.
Does the by-laws of this incorporated association allow for AGM and election of Directors?

Name withheld