Downes, Campbell lead senior rankings

Resaul, Gentle ahead of junior field


In a historic move, the Guyana Lawn Tennis Association (GLTA) recently uploaded its players’ ranking on its Facebook page and for the first time the ranking includes ratings from players’ overseas performance.
According to information coming out of the association the ranking is for performance between January 2016 and October 2016 and from henceforth it will be updated on the page immediately after every tournament. Prior to the latest ranking update, the first of its kind was done in December of 2015.
Leading the way in the male and female senior rankings is Anthony Downes and Cristy Campbell respectively. Downes currently sits on 4000 rating points some 400 ahead of his closest rival, Leyland Leacock.
Meanwhile, closing off the top five in this category are Daniel Lopes (2800), Harry Panday (2450) and Godfrey Lowden, who sits on 2400 points.
While in the female category, trailing Campbell, who sits on 2600 points are-Aretta Dey 2400, Shelly Ramdyhan 1800, Fiona Bushell 800 and Carol Humphrey 600.In the junior field it was no surprise that powerhouses Heimraj Resaul and Afruica Gentle lead the way in their respective male and female categories. In the male division, Resaul top his peers with 6750 points follow by Joshua Kalekyezi 6025, Jordan Beaton 3125, Mark McDonald 2600 and Vijay Sharma 1725, in that order.
On 5400 and some 50 points ahead of the second placed, Gentle is the queen of the pack. Kalyca Fraser is in second on 5350 points while the very talented Nicola Ramdyhan is on 4300 points in third and trailing her are Shivani Persaud on 2700 and Sarah Klautky 2450.
The next major tennis tournament is the Tennis Inter Guiana Games (IGG), which will be held in French Guiana between October 27 and November 1. Only junior players are participating in this event so it is expected that there will be an update in the junior rankings subsequent to the games. For more information and a better understanding of how the ranking was done visit the Guyana Tennis Association page on Facebook.