Rearguard action…

…on NCM by PNC
You gotta hand it to the PNC; when it comes to clinging on to power, they’ll try every trick in the book, and then some!! Blindsided by the PPP on the NCM after a momentary lapse following the vote, they’ve since pulled out all the stops to remain in office till 2020. That’s when the oil starts flowing to help them buy votes!
Reading the tea leaves following the hearings at the CCJ, they knew the decision wasn’t going to go their way. Even though they were able to avoid the immediate consequence of the NCN – elections by end March – an adverse ruling would mean elections by end November, even under GECOM’s dilatory tactics. Still not 2020 and first oil!! What to do? Well duh!! Draw a red herring across the trail!
And who better to do this than AG Basil Williams, whose forte is bluff and bluster in the courtroom?? So he now says he’s got evidence that Charrandas Persaud knew he was disqualified from being an MP on account of being a dual citizen, and so his vote wasn’t valid. And he wants the CCJ to put a hold on their decision – which is already past due – until they evaluate this “evidence” without any further hearings, since “the thing speaks for itself”. But Williams knew Charrandas’ lawyers would object – which they’ve already done – and hence the case is in effect being reopened – making a 2020 election ever more likely.
But if you, dear reader, are muttering that all of this has already been addressed and dismissed, you’re ABSOLUTELY correct!! And the PNC knows this, but the stakes being what they are – a bottomless piggy bank to satiate their greed! – they don’t care. Chief Justice George, of course, had pointed out that according to Art 165 (2) “The Assembly may act notwithstanding any vacancy in its membership…and the presence or participation of any person not entitled to be present at, or to participate in, the proceedings of the Assembly shall not invalidate those proceedings.”
So that even if Charrandas was disqualified from being an MP, his vote still counted. If the Govt wanted to object to Charrandas’ sitting, they should’ve brought an Elections Petition within 28 days of the 2015 elections, since this is what the National Assembly (Validity of Elections) Act and the National Assembly (Validity of) Elections Rules prescribe!! Williams claims the Govt didn’t know.
Yet his “evidence” is Charrandas saying he told Ramjattan before the elections he held a Canadian passport!! Isn’t V.P. and Public Security Minister Ramjattan part of the Government??
In fact, Ramjattan gave Charrandas his offficial judgement:
“Rass wid you! A lot of people have Canadian passports”!!

…on political cleansing
One of the new Ministers appointed to fill the dual-citizen vacuums is WPA’s Tabitha Sarabo-Halley, who stepped into Rupert Roopnaraine’s shoes as the Public Service Minister. She’d received a government scholarship to the tune of $3.4 million to study Public Policy Management. To everyone’s surprise, she immediately fired the entire staff from the personnel department – something she doesn’t have the authority to do. She denied doing so, but was shown to be lying when the memo surfaced.
Now we’re being told that the reason for her high-handed action was that she suspects the personnel office’s personnel were the ones who’d revealed to the Opposition Leader that some $20 million had been transferred from the Ministry of the Presidency’s account into the accounts of the children of Simona “I is” Broomes!!
But what’s even more shocking is the reaction of WPA’s David Hinds, who’s said to be related to Sarabo-Halley.
The WPA activist insisted that “PPP moles” be rooted out from the Public Service!!
And how to identify the “PPP moles”? By their “looks”??

…on luxury vehicles
Remember the luxury Hummer that was seized by the GRA and given to the GDF? Well, seems that’s the new PNC policy. Two SUVs seized from some Brazilians were handed out to some big ones in the PNC.
So where’s SARA??