Reflect identity as a people, remove hindrances to togetherness – PNC

Fellow Guyanese, today marks the 54th anniversary of our country attaining republican status. While Independence Day in May celebrates our freedom from colonial rule and our determination to achieve full national self-determination, republican status conveys our aspirations to establish a national identity and a guiding development philosophy. On 23rd February 1970, we declared ourselves a Cooperative Republic to highlight our national ethos of maximizing the use of local resources and working together for the greater good of all.
Let us, therefore, use the occasion of our 54th anniversary as a Republic to reflect on our Guyanese identity and consciousness as a nation and as a people. Let us reflect on the bonds and common goals that hold us together. Let us pledge to minimize or remove the hindrances that undermine our togetherness and cooperation. Let us further embrace our shared destiny.
We believe Guyana can quickly become one of the best countries to live in. Our country has been blessed with the natural and human resources to deliver on the promises and pledges made decades ago. What is now required, given its current absence, is competent national leadership that puts the needs, rights, and entitlements of the people first and foremost.
A Blessed Republic Day to all Guyanese.