Let our national motto be the beacon taking us into the future – AFC

The Alliance For Change extends greetings to all our Guyanese brothers and sisters on the occasion of the 54th Anniversary of Guyana becoming a Co-operative Republic.
The concept and spirit of cooperation are indelibly linked to the ethos of the Guyanese nation. Birthed through the indomitable spirit of our enslaved ancestors who on shaking off the chains of bondage joined together to own villages, this concept must remain a cornerstone of our development. Together we can achieve more.
More than half a century ago when our young independent Nation took that bold step into the future by severing the last of the proverbial apron strings to our colonial masters it was with the intention and conviction that as a people, we were capable of establishing an equitable and just society. Today we must not lose sight of that goal.
While we have shaken off the bonds of colonialism, we must guard against neo-colonialists, who appear like us but, are appropriating our national patrimony for themselves and their cronies. These are the ones who would deny us our freedoms, our constitutional guarantees, even our children are not safe from these tyrants who seek to suppress their creativity and expression of self.
Today, the Co-operative Republic of Guyana is an oil producing nation, listed among the fastest growing economies of the world, yet poverty abounds even as those in power and their cronies live in luxury while gorging themselves on the national coffers. Together, we can put an end to this.
Like our ancestors, we must be unwavering in our struggle. Standing together, as one people, we can create a nation where the needs of each citizen, especially, those of women and children, the elderly and differently able, the poor are addressed. There is enough for all.
As we celebrate our 54th Anniversary as a Co-operative Republic let our national motto, “One People, One Nation, One Destiny” be the beacon taking us into the future.
Long live the Co-operative Republic of Guyana!