Refusal of Granger Administration to accept Judiciary’s ruling

Dear Editor,
Peter Minshall is hailed as Trinidad &Tobago’s greatest designer, a creator of spectacle on the world stage. Very few know he was born in (then) British Guiana and spent his formative years as a Georgetown boy. I consider myself privileged to have witnessed many of his ‘mas’ bands produced for Trinidad’s carnival. Today, after listening to the decisions of Chief Justice Roxanne George, reading the statement emanating from the Ministry of the Presidency and finally seeing former Ministers Williams, Ramjattan and Bulkan on television, memories of Minshall’s presentation “Danse Macabre” came flooding back. I was transported back to Port of Spain as the images of Minshall’s dead writhed in throes and his theatre on the streets became intertwined with the members of the fallen Granger Administration, it was as if I could no longer tell one from the other.
Editor, I have spent these weeks since the passage of the no-confidence motion in explanations of simple words, uncomplicated mathematics, moral and ethical principles and I have been guilty of making the various members of the Granger Administration the brunt of many a joke and/or harsh criticism. I have appeared stubborn to my friends as I have refused to entertain arguments to the contrary to education. There is not one aspect of the Chief Justice’s ruling that was unexpected or difficult to comprehend, as Justice George delivered an opus of logic and fact in clear and concise unambiguous language that brooks no confusion. To then watch men of some learning willingly sacrifice their last vestiges of credibility in an effort to keep the emperor from being revealed as naked, is no longer amusing, that these were men (the women seem to have better sense) who were entrusted to administer a country begs belief. In an earlier missive, I referred to our Attorney General as Don Quixote “seated upon Rocinante and cloaked in an armour of imbecility”, I would venture to say he has now cloned a small platoon to sit upon their asses and pontificate using analogies that vary from cricket umpiring reviews and half maths to sizes of rum bottles which somehow seems fitting but no longer laugh-out-loud funny. The refusal of the Granger Administration to accept the ruling of the Judiciary as evidenced in the statement released by MoP “until the matter is concluded at the highest court of appeal the status quo remains and the business of Government continues as usual.” Despite the pellucid ruling that “The Cabinet of the coalition Government ceased to exist immediately upon the passage of the no-confidence motion on the night of December 21, 2018, causes one to think “that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark” as the spectre of the dead dictator seems to have come walking over our walls. A Danse Macabre being played out on a national stage; one that Peter Minshall himself would find fascinating as any street performance he ever produced.

Robin Singh