Region 10 Chairman criticises decision to remove doctors from Linden

The Wismar Hospital in Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice) has seen some upgrades and improvement with the functioning of its maternity and children wards but other pressing issues have been raised in relation to the movement of resources to other institutions.
Regional Chairman of the Regional Democratic Council Renis Morian shared some of his concerns after a visit was made to the hospital in the company of Regional Executive Officer, Orrin Gordon.

Region Ten Chairman, Renis Morian

Director of Regional Health Services, Kay Shako was criticised for removing doctors from the medical facility and placing them elsewhere. This did not go well the Chairman, who noted that when these decisions are made, improvements are hampered.
“Every time we put and improve things at the hospital, they move it and carry it somewhere else and this is the challenge…Now I think we have three doctors working there and now somebody from Georgetown want to move the body from here and take them to Georgetown. We are now bringing up our services to par, it hasn’t meet par that it was before, but we are now trying,” he said.
Morian said that he intends to raise this matter with the subject Minister, Volda Lawrence, to find a permanent resolution since there are also intentions of moving the sole x-ray technician to another facility.
“What is happening to us, that is the lone x-ray technician, what is really happening to us? But we objecting to it, we will object to it,” he declared.

Director of the Regional Health Services, Kay Shako

In expressing strong and direct words to the Public Health Ministry, the Regional Chairman voiced his condemnation of these actions by saying, “The Regional Democratic Council [of] Region Ten is working very hard to bring it back to where it was before, every time we say that we coming to par somebody pulling away, we don’t support on behalf of the residents of Upper Demerara-Berbice. Primarily, I want to be quoted as saying that Dr Shako can take doctors from elsewhere to send wherever she wants”.
The argument continued as he noted that this may be a deliberate attempt to stall progress in the region. The Regional Chairman said that every time the region is making gains, it is being reduced.