Region 10 elects new Toshaos’ Council 

A new Toshaos’ Council has been elected in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), following the recent hosting of the Regional Toshaos’ Conference at the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) in Linden.
Following a secret ballot, Toshao of Kimbia, Rickey Boyle was elected to serve in the capacity of Chairman of the Regional Toshaos’ Council. Additionally, Toshao of Sand Hill, Andre Lindee was elected Vice Chairman.
Others who were elected to serve in various capacities include Secretary Kenneth Edwards of Riversview, Treasurer Flagon Charter and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Wayvon King.
During the conference, members of the Toshaos’ Council also discussed numerous issues with Regional Chairman Renis Morian and highlighted various developments which have been made so far in several indigenous communities.
Speaking at the conference, Deputy Commander of E Division (Linden-Kwakwani) Jermain Harper encouraged the leaders to be more vigilant in their respective communities.
He also appealed to the participants to work with law enforcement to ensure that their communities are crime-free and are conducive for youths, citing the incidence of abuse and domestic violence.
“If there are wrong things happening in your villages and it needs to be addressed by the police, you need to come forward, you need to stand firm in those villages that you control. Talk to your people because it makes no sense you allow abuse and domestic violence, sexual abuse all these things are on the rise happening in your village and then nobody is coming forward,” Harper said.
The Toshaos also received information on the procedure for an application of a firearm licence since this was highlighted as a major concern.
Harper noted that steps will be taken to ensure they all have proper identification as rural constables, which is an automatic position, as Toshaos. It was stated too that the region presently has the highest rate of marijuana cultivation. The Toshaos all committed to better relations with the police.