Region 6 RDC calls out ministers over sidelining

Acting Regional Chairman Dennis DeRoop

The Region Six Regional Democratic Council (RDC) has publicly expressed its disapproval at the way Government Ministers treat the RDC.
According to Acting Regional Chairman Dennis DeRoop, Government Ministers show total disregard by not visiting the RDC when they are in the region.
Several Government Ministers, DeRoop said, do not even inform the regional administration that they will be visiting the region.
“They just come into the region and do what they want. That is why we have taken a position now when they visit because if you are a Minister and you fail to inform the Regional Chairman office of [your] visit to show protocol, then we are not going to recognise their visit as an official visit,” DeRoop said.
He was at the time addressing the statuary meeting of the RDC. Government Ministers, he added, should respect protocol and upon entering any region contact the Regional Chairman’s office first.
“The President has been respecting the protocol. Every time the President is coming to this region, the first contact is made with the Regional Chairman’s office but the Ministers are bent in their own ways and we need to pull them in line and let them respect protocol.”
The acting Chairman said even if they do not respect the regional leadership, the Ministers should show respect to the office, and inform it of their visit.
“When a Minister is coming to a region, he or she is a Minister for all the people and not some parts of the region or a specific place within the region, so I urge that some work be done there in order to respect protocol.”
Meanwhile, the RDC said it will be writing the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) on allegations of victimisation over the awarding of contracts in the region since it has been done in a discriminatory way.
He added that the same is being done with regard to employment in the region.
“They are just selected and put into the position. They are being employed based on political affiliation and/or ethnicity. So the region will write the Ethnic Relations Commission on these two specific matters,” DeRoop added.