Region Six residents praise NICIL for assisting with community grounds

Several community sporting grounds in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) are now better able to host community and sporting events, thanks to timely intervention of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL).

NICIL’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Colvin Heath-London

Accordingly, several residents have expressed gratitude to NICIL, dubbing the support a major boost to community activities and individual spirits. They described the contributions as being very important, and are urging NICIL and other entities to continue the trend.
NICIL has provided support in slashing, harrowing,levelling and blading Bermine, New Amsterdam Multilateral School ground and the Liverpool Community Centre ground.
Residents say NICIL’s input has significantly assisted them to undertake a number of activities and events. It was disclosed that NICIL readily made manpower and equipment available to aid in the execution of the project, thus resulting in commendation from a number of prominent individuals.
Brigadier Edward Collins was one of the first persons to single out and acknowledge the efforts of NICIL. He said the assistance provided by that entity’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Colvin Heath-London, is noteworthy, and he singled out Heath–London and Estate Manager Sam Anderson for demonstrating genuine and sincere concerns and willingness to assist the residents with the project.
He dubbed their assistance as timely and pivotal to the continued development of sport and for community involvement.
“I commend Mr Colvin Heath-London and Estate Manager Sam Anderson for their willingness to help, and the enthusiasm they have shown at all times in ensuring the successful execution of this project,” Collins said.
The Brigadier noted that the support of both Heath-London and Anderson has tremendously helped the communities, and he stressed that residents had been seeking assistance in having their community grounds cleared and tended to for quite some time.
“I would certainly like to recognise the sterling performance of both gentlemen. I am deeply grateful to both of them, as their response and attitude is certainly noteworthy of emulation,” Collins said.
He stressed that with NICIL’s ‘timely’ help and assistance, residents of these communities and the Canje Secondary School are now benefiting significantly. He noted that would aid continued growth and development of these communities through cohesive approaches.
The Brigadier said he would like to see similar ventures in other communities, and reassured the CEO of his sincere gratitude as he declared that it was provided at a time when the residents were certainly in great need of help.
Several residents commenting on the project stressed there was significant work done, and urged other like-minded corporate and private citizens to emulate their actions. They declared it would aid in the development of communities, while ultimately resulting in youths being involved in positive pastime activities instead of contributing to social ills.
Heath-London said NICIL is always happy to be playing a meaningful role in assisting communities. He shared that this is not the first time that the company has assisted communities to improve their grounds, and stressed that they have been doing this and more in many neighbourhoods.
He assured that NICIL would continue to play a responsible role in community development and enhancement, and declared he is happy that their efforts regarding several of the community grounds in Region Six can see more sporting and other activities, thus building stronger and more united communities.
“As the CEO of NICIL, I am very happy that the contribution that we have made have certainly impacted and benefited these communities positively, and I would like to assure all that we remain committed and dedicated to further developing the Guyanese people through initiatives and projects like these,” he said.