Regional Chairman steps in to help repair MSC backboard

As a number of organisations, institutions, companies and individuals have made several promises to lend support to advancing sports in Guyana, one individual has committed to continue building on the very impressive track record that he has already built in the mining town of Linden.

Regional Chairman Renis Morian, who is known for a number of community-oriented and sporting projects, has come to the rescue of basketball players in Linden. Recently, the backboard at the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) Ground was completely destroyed, thus resulting in there being no possibility of games being

Regional Chairman Renis Morian inspects the damage done to the backboards at the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground

played there until a new board is secured.

However, while the basketball fraternity in Linden was busy and desperately seeking help, Morian took a tour of the basketball facility where he made a commitment to secure the backboard for the players. The board, according to basketball officials, will cost some $375,000 and is expected to be acquired within the next two weeks.

Chairman Morian disclosed that he was a passionate supporter of not only youth development but sports, and reaffirmed his commitment to continue lending support as he believed that this would foster greater community development.

 “Ensuring that our youths remain on the positive track requires greater participation of everyone and that is why we at the Regional Democratic Council is fully committed and dedicated in assisting the youths wherever and whenever we can. The basketballers in Linden need the board so as to continue playing the sport and as the Regional Chairman, I am giving my commitment that I will continue to support the youths of this region,” he declared.

The Regional Chairman noted that sports would remain one of the vehicles of growth for the residents of Linden. He stressed that like in previous years the RDC would collaborate and assist several groups and organisations, with sport being a top priority. “We have recognised the importance that sport plays within our society, and that is why we will continue to lend valuable support and assistance. Each year, we are discovering more and more youths with unbelievable talent and skills and as part of our role in nurturing them, we will give all the support required,” Morian said.

He, however, expressed disappointment over the damaging of the backboard, pointing out that it wasn’t done by the players but persons who were on the ground recently when a concert was held. “Recently, there was a concert and apparently, some of the persons who were here destroyed the board. My office will get a brand new one and put measures in place to ensure that there isn’t a repeat of what happened,” he assured. Morian noted that in an effort to further demonstrate his region’s commitment and dedication to sport and sports development, they have included some major projects as part of their 2019 budget so as to ensure that every single sector of the Region 10 community benefits in some way or the other.  “Linden is a community known for its togetherness and invaluable support that is why whenever we have anything here whether it’s sport, cultural activities or community oriented, the support is always overwhelming because residents recognise that everything that we are involved in, we will support it to the fullest,” he declared.

The Regional Chairman thanked the basketball community for what he described as their continued dominance of basketball and for ensuring that basketball remained alive and well in Region 10.

 “A number of youths are getting into the sport and this is possible because those who have been involved are making ways for the youths to get involved and I am forever grateful for that, as you can recognise that we have an active basketball community, thus ensuring that residents’ appetite can be satisfied with a number of programmes and competitions so we at the RDC level remains proud and pleased,” he added.  He was careful to note, however, that basketball was not the only sport that would be greatly assisted by the Region 10 RDC in 2019.