Regret on error over UG promotions

Dear Editor,
This is in response to the published statement of Director of UG Department of PR (Jan 3). I thank the PR unit for clarification. Transparency and accountability are critical for the success of the university. All selections, appointments, hiring, and promotions at the university must be above board.
I have no reason to dispute the PR unit’s statement that Drs Emmanuel Cummings and Melissa Ifill were not appointed as professors. The statement also said Dr Cummings was not chair of the search committee in charge of selecting the VC. I must have misunderstood Dr Cummings’s role in the committee. The errors are regretted.
Thanks also for the information that only the political head of the university can make public statements on political matters. Please advise, who would that be?

Yours truly,
Ajit Persaud