There is a new culture sweeping across Guyana

Dear Editor,
There is a new wave blowing across Guyana, it is called the new culture of doing things, gone are the days of a laissez-faire system where each man was a law unto himself and did what was right in his own eyes. There is a new dispensation of doing things and this speaks to the humble man in his shack to the wealthy businessman way at the top of the ladder, all are governed by the same underlying principles of transparency and responsibility, each being responsible to the other and to the wider society in a symbiotic relationship.
First in the order of things is the respect for law and order, all those who rule over us must be subjected to the laws of the land, all norms and codes that are laid down for the proper functioning of the wheels of the State must be adhered to. That goes from the conduct of elections to the general run of things; respect for the Constitution is for the smooth and proper functioning of the ship of State. All modern and civilised societies are governed by it and this goes for all political parties in power and for those aspiring to get into power.
I make specific reference to those in the political arena, that is, those who are entrusted with the sacred responsibility of governance over this nation. Being entrusted with Government means that you are duty-bound to govern in a fair and unbiased manner, gone are the days when political parties in Government spoke of “my country” and “my jurisdiction and my rules.” That language of ownership and control where the state And its resources were – literally “gifted” to them to do as they please – that form of asininity no longer exists.
In the new dispensation of things, we may now speak of “our country and our economy,” as accountability to the people is paramount, no country becomes the private domain or a deed of gift of any party. The winner takes all mentality is a thing of the distant past and no attempts to revive it will be allowed. There is a new wave sweeping across the land and if some of the backward and retrograde school cannot see it, then, they will certainly have to stand still as change consumes them like a consuming fire. All the stakeholders have a certain responsibility that is required of them as each and every one plays his or her role in this ecosystem called Guyana.
Finally, The PPP/C has taken the lead, they have taken keen note of this and in this regard set the example. They have blazed a trail as Ministers fan across this country listening to the people and getting things done for the people of this great country. The governing PPP/C Government is cognisant of the fact that the people of this country are our greatest asset. Long live the people of Guyana and a Happy New Year to all!

Neil Adams