Relatives of murdered carpenter welcome extradition news

The parents of the late Faiyaz Narinedat have expressed delight at the news that a United States court has ordered the extradition of Marcus Bhisram to Guyana to be charged with the capital offence of murder.
On Thursday, Justice Peggy Kuo ruled in favour of the extradition, and as such, committed Bisram to the custody of the United States Marshal pending a further decision on extradition and surrender by the Secretary of State in keeping with US laws.

The deceased’s mother, Bibi Azeez

Speaking with Guyana Times on Saturday, the dead carpenter’s mother said the family welcomes the news. According to Narinedat’s mother, Bibi Azeez, it is almost one year since she lost her son.
It was the very morning that Narinedat’s body was discovered lying on the roadway that Bisram flew out of Guyana back to the USA.
Azeez said it has been a painful year for her and her family.
“It is almost one year and nothing doing. I feel happy that he coming. Really, really happy….” She added that from all indications, things are beginning to happen in the name of justice.
“I feel some sort of relief but still there is a long way to go; a very long way. If they are put away then I will say that he has justice,” she said.
The dead man’s father, Narindranauth Datt also expressed delight at the news of the order to have Bisram extradited.
On November 1, 2016, the carpenter’s body was discovered lying on the roadway with visible marks of violence.
The body was discovered at about 03:45h on November 1, 2016, at a scene which appeared to be that of a hit-and-run accident. The Police had initially said that the matter was being considered a homicide; however, following an autopsy conducted by Forensic Pathologist, Dr Nehal Singh, it was revealed that Narinedat suffered a fractured skull and spine among other injuries. Dr Singh’s findings revealed that the father of two was not hit while in a standing position.
The five men charged so far are Radish Motie, 39, an excavator operator, of Number 78 Village; Diadatt Datt, 18, a painter of Number 71 Village; Harri Paul Parsram of Number 71 Village; Niran Yacoob, 37, a hire car operator of Number 67 Village; and Orlando Dickie said to be Bisram’s bodyguard.
The State is contending that Narinedatt was killed, his body placed along the Corentyne Highway at Number 70 Village and then run over by a car to make it appear as if it was a hit-and-run accident scene.
It was also reported that the overseas-based Guyanese ordered the death of the father of one after he reportedly refused his sexual advances.