Repeat offenders should not get bail – Ramjattan

After the arrest of the two men who carried out a brazen daylight robbery on an accountant of Hotel Tower, the Police have confirmed that the men had committed similar offences and were granted bail, but Public Security Minister Khemraj

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan suggested that career criminals should not be bailed
Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan suggested that career criminals should not be bailed

Ramjattan is of the belief that persons who commit such offences should not get court bail.

“Fellows like that, the legal principal clearly states very clearly you must not grant bail because of the nature of the offender having been charged before for all these offences and now being caught latterly red-handed,” Ramjattan expressed in his view.

Ramjattan made these comments outside the Police Training Centre on Friday where media operatives raised concerns that career criminals who are released on bail often commit similar and other crimes. Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum had said on Thursday that the Police would not charge the men anytime soon since they were being investigated for similar crimes committed in the city.

On Friday, the Public Security Minister stated judicial officers must weigh the rights of offenders and the rights of the public when bail privileges are considered.

“It is the collision course of the rights of the accused against the rights of the people; [this] is the judgment call of a Magistrate [but] if the Magistrates’ hearing the Prosecutor still decides to grant bail, there is nothing a minister should do ,” Ramjattan disclosed.

He continued that the minister should not overstep into matters of judiciary as this would “interfere” with another branch of government.

“We could speak, we have a right to freedom of expression,” he noted. The minister further pointed out that releasing such criminals is contributing to a release of fear on the land.

On Wednesday, the Hotel Tower accountant was relieved of a bag containing $2.5 million cash, but the two men were apprehended by Police who had responded promptly to the crime.

At the time, a mobile Police patrol acting on information received pursued the suspects on Motorcycle, who tried to escape but they instead ended up in the Sussex Street Canal. The motorcycle and a significant amount of cash were also recovered.