Republic bank concludes 8th Youth Apprenticeship programme

The Republic Bank (Guyana) Ltd on Monday evening highlighted the excellent work done by the 31 participants in their Youth Apprenticeship programme at the Savanah Suite, Pegasus Hotel.
Among those in attendance were Minister within the Ministry of Education, Department of Culture Youth and Sport, Nicolette Henry and Deputy Chief Education Officer Marcel Hutson.
Even though every participant was awarded for their efforts a few of them stood out. Shamira Ramsuchit copped both the best all-rounder and most effective presentation prizes while the best business proposal prize was won by Treshana Vancooten. Jada Mclennan walked away with the most improved apprentice, while Ashana Lakenarine won the most disciplined apprentice and Lancelot Barker gained the most congenial apprentice.
The other apprentices were Bobby Vaughn, Chetwantie Ramdayal, Chidanand Ragobar, Christina Kanden, Collis Trotman, David Alexis, Devon Powley, Harish Desouza, Jasmattie Lall, Jason Singh, Jenica Allicock, Kaila Joseph, Katijah Dundas, Kevin Dias, Kinisia Porte, Leah Dodson, Mesha Singh, Monesha Forsythe, Nigel Grenville, Odeshwar Mobin, Saudia Nurmahamad, Shailendia Mallaya, Shania Stuart, Shechem Williams and Stephanie Jones.
All 31 apprentices walked away with the National Vocational Qualification Certificate Banking Operation Level one.

The graduating class of Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited Youth Apprenticeship Programme
The graduating class of Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited Youth Apprenticeship Programme

Managing director of Republic Bank Richard Sammy thanked the apprentices for their commitment and dedication in upholding the principles of the programme, which he highlighted as “professionalism, dedication and integrity.” Sammy said he is confident that with the experience gained from October, 2015, to the completion of the programme, these 31 apprentices are now capable of working in any professional environment in Guyana and even the Caribbean.
The valedictorian Shamira Ramsuchit gave an emotional speech, thanking her new friends and role-models that she would have gained over the months the programme ran for. She highlighted her enthusiasm for participating in the programme and welcomed the knowledge she would have developed and experiences gained. Most notably, a trip to the Baganara Resort to build team cohesion, in addition to a visit to a specialty hospital for disabled children.
This is the eighth time Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited has conducted training of this nature and magnitude which continues to add to the development of youth in Guyana.